Andrew Alexander has built an impressive career as both a comedian and a producer. His resume includes producing and developing nearly two hundred half-hour shows and more than one hundred fifty hours of comedy television. He has worked with almost every major television network including Showtime, HBO, CBS, ABC, and Fox Television. He is perhaps most known for his ownership of The Second City, an improvisational comedy enterprise.

Andrew Alexander is a native of London, England. He studied at both Ryerson University in Toronto and at Tri-State College in Indiana. His early working experience included working for Thompson Newspapers and the Oakville Beaver Newspaper. It was his experience at Global Village Theatre, however that sparked his work in the entertainment world. Alexander would eventually begin co-producing late-night shows. This lead to him working for the Ivanhoe Theater in Chicago, which is the place where he co-founded The Second City.

The Second City was a monumental creation. It helped to launch the careers of famous comedians like Eugene Levy, Andrea Martin, John Candy, and Dan Aykroyd. This is all part of the movement that lead to Alexander’s television career. During that career. Andrew Alexander earned two Emmy Awards and thirteen Emmy Award nominations. Other awards on his resume include winning the Chicago Improv Festival Lifetime Achievement Award in 2009 and being on Chicago Magazine’s Power 100 in 2012. During Alexander’s career, he has produced television shows with stars like Bill Murray, Steve Carell, Dave Thomas, and Stephen Colbert

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