Simon Denyer is an experienced and award-winning journalist and prolific writer. He served Reuters and the Washington Post for more than 25 years as a foreign correspondent. He has traveled on assignments to over 40 countries across the world and covered many news-making events in his reports from these countries.

Simon Denyer is a British Journalist. He is a graduate of the Lancing College located in Southern England. He later completed his M.A. degree in Economics from Trinity College Cambridge. He joined Reuters and worked with them for eighteen years. While serving Reuters, he worked as a correspondent from Nairobi, London and New York. He was later Reuters Bureau Chief in India, Pakistan and Afghanistan. He was later posted in Washington. From 2011, Denyer worked with the Washington Post as their bureau chief in India, China, the Koreas and Japan.

Throughout his career, Simon Denyer has won several awards. He has won the Human Rights Press Award in the category, Best English Spot News Story, the Bob Considine Award that is given for journalists who cover international affairs and, the National Headliner Award given to journalists for excellence in international coverage for covering the environmental and human cost of China’s rule in Tibet and Whale and Dolphin hunting in Japan. He also shared the Pulitzer Prize for the 2C Project about climate change. He has also written the well-known book Rogue Elephant: Harnessing the Power of India’s Unruly Democracy and co-edited the book published by Penguin India, Foreign Correspondent: Fifty Years of Reporting South Asia.

Simon Denyer has helped bring awareness about a diverse range of issues affecting people from across the world through his accurate news reports. His experience and expertise have made him a popular guest in radio and television shows in the UK, the US and India.