After Robert Kraft took control in 1994 of the Patriots in 1994, his first project was to ensure that at Foxboro Stadium, a grass surface was immediately installed. The main purpose of this project was to attract world cup games.

For the Gillette stadium, Robert Kraft has the same plan for the stadium after bidding for this stadium to see if it can be approved to host games of the World Cup for the year 2026. These plans have already been presented to officials of the FIFA, who had decided to join Revolution president and Robert Kraft. Their city tour to different nine cities will start at the Gillette Stadium.

Some officials at Gillette Stadium said the stadium needed to be renovated. First, they will remove synthetic surfaces. Second, they will reconstruct the irrigation system in the stadium that has been dormant for a long period of time, and lastly, they will ensure that the real turf for this stadium is brought back.

Some sources state that some of the sideline seats are going to be eliminated in order to be able to meet some of the requirements of the field. The hope is for this stadium to be approved to host at least six matches, where two of the contests will be for elimination and the other four games will be group stages.

Just like in 1994, when Foxboro Stadium hosted World Cup games and accommodated over 324,000 fans. The international games had two victories from Argentina, like Diego Maradona, who qualified for the final of the international games, but he was suspended after he was tested for some substance and the results became positive. Robert Kraft is a Brookline native. He attended most public schools for his education until he was sponsored to attend Columbia University. He graduated in 1993. He got another fellowship to attend the Harvard Business School. See related link to learn more.


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