QNET is a company that operates in several countries like Singapore, Germany, and Hongkong. The company uses the direct selling method where sellers are provided with authentic products and services. QNET has focused on two different business approaches. One of the approaches is direct selling and e-Commerce. With the company’s operations, customers have the option to buy directly or become independent representatives. The independent representatives can choose to sell the QNET products directly through referrals or form teams. The company usually gives commission to the independent representatives based on the sales they make. Additionally, giving the representatives extensive training to ensure they close deals and follow the company ethics. Learn more

QNET operations

In early 2000, QNET started out selling traveling packages, later on expanding into wellness products. Currently, the company sells all types of home care products, education, and fashion accessories. Venturing into all these did not go well; some claimed that the company was a scam. However, there are no legal declarations against the company. Most of the scam cases are on individual distributors and not on QNET as a company. The rogue distributors act on their behalf and not on behalf of the company.

Additionally, a lack of understanding is what makes people think of QNET as a scam. It is not the case the company operates by directly selling, which depends on people working. Sometimes many individuals are unwilling to take this route thus, end up labeling the company because of expecting to make profits overnight. In this kind of selling environment, individuals are expected to work hard.

QNET acquired the job to supply Sydney Olympics Games commemorative coins. If it were not a legitimate business, it would not have received the task. QNET has been in business for over 20 years operating in different countries and complying with the additional regulations required, such as tax compliance, reinvested in the country, and participating in various charitable activities.

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