Established in 1996, NumbersUSA is one of the most popular immigration-reduction organizations which champions returning the country’s legal immigration towards previous historical levels. The grass-root organization was Founded by Roy Beck based on findings from President Bill Clinton’s Task Force on Population and Consumption and the United States Commission on Immigration Reforms.

The objective of NumbersUSA is achieving an overall reduction in immigration levels. However, they are against any form of discrimination for instance xenophobia. The organization believes that immigrants and immigration is an asset to the country, especially if they are in the right numbers.

With support from both sides of the political divide, NumbersUSA has put forth bills that promote immigration, but in the appropriate numbers. Supporters of the organization have the country’s interest at heart, and this is the reason they believe in conducive immigration numbers.

As earlier mentioned, Roy Beck established NumbersUSA based on the findings of two important immigration-related studies. The findings revealed that allowing the right number of immigrants to enter the country would preserve the standard of living of the country’s existing population. What’s more, the organization took into account the effect of U.S. immigration policies on the country’s economy and environment before recommending a reduction in immigration numbers.

Main reason Numbers USA is Supporting Immigration Reforms

Rise in unemployment rates

According to the organization, more than 18 million Americans will be unable to secure full-time jobs as a result of high immigration rates. People in high, medium, and average-paying jobs are more likely to encounter a shortfall in full-time paying jobs since they’ll be filled by foreign employees. Refer to this page for additional information.

A decrease in wages

The organization also believes that Americans will have to settle for lower pays if the immigration levels aren’t reduced. Most foreign workers are willing to work for lower rates and this increase in cheap labor will result in a decrease in wages.


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