Mirabaud Group (MG) is a Geneva-based international private banking organization serving different customers. Since its launching in 1819, it has grown into one of the largest banking groups in Switzerland. Six family members started MG to improve the financial sector. It also played a significant role in shaping the Country’s financial services department as the first financial institution in Switzerland. For instance, it participated in creating the Geneva Stock Exchange in 1857 and facilitated the creation of the first SWISS hedge funds in 1990, which significantly improved the Country’s financial system.

Mirabaud has offices in various locations apart from Geneva. These locations include Asia, Europe, and North America in London, Dubai, Hong Kong, Barcelona, Montreal, and Madrid. Currently, it leads in offering financial services such as brokerage, Asset Management, and Wealth Management and has vast experience in operating for many years. It is active in various activities like ensuring the arts become more sustainable by supporting Art Museums around the nation.

Mirabaud Group knows the importance of Artwork in integrating different communities. It ensures peace and productivity between people in the community. MG believes that promoting arts boosts innovation and goes beyond the art ideas by supporting the artists. They help artists because they know that it isn’t enough to focus on the concept strictly.

Mirabaud’s primary goal is to avail Artwork to many people worldwide. They use modern technology to create online collections where people can easily access them from different nations, thus adding audience coverage. Adding new arts to its old collections is also easy because it only takes a few steps. MG also plans to incorporate arts into the urban landscape to reach many people. It aims to have a large audience to generate more income for them and improve the living standards of the artists. Visit this page for additional information.


More about Mirabaud on https://www.weforum.org/organizations/mirabaud-group