Haroldo Jacobovicz is an entrepreneur with innovative ideas who makes sure that his projects succeed. He is passionate about bringing innovative solutions to the Latin American marketplace. Jacobovicz is a software developer dedicated to finding better solutions for information technology development. His business acumen, combined with his community involvement in Brazil, has made him a highly sought-after, trusted resource. He offers top-quality tech services, resources, and support to the Latin American market, making him a precious part of the team. He also provides to the community through his philanthropy, especially on the side of animal rights, through his association with animal welfare.

What makes Haroldo Jacobovicz different?

The Curitiba investor thinks differently from most of his competitors. He understands what is needed in the world. He seeks to enhance the quality of life and the happiness of people. Not surprisingly, Haroldo Jacobovicz has a unique leadership style: he is the team member and not the leader. His team members are so talented and motivated that they form their tribe.

How Haroldo Started his Profession

Jacobovicz started his career in 1985 at Germano Almeida Engenharia and switched to the IT sector in 1997. Nine years later, he founded E-Governe Group, a specialist in IT consulting and data center development. Jacobovicz moved to Asia in 2001 and established companies in Singapore, Hong Kong, and Malaysia. These companies worked in the growing Asian IT industry, positioning themselves as a global leader in their markets. E-Governe established a presence in China and India. In 2011 merged with Datacenter Horizons, located in Jakarta, to become the region’s largest IT solutions provider with more than 50 companies and 2000 employees, and added the cloud services business to the group.

Health and animal protection

Haroldo Jacobovicz has committed himself to a strong position for improving and protecting health through innovation. These projects include fasciotomiza, a medical device for patients that treat pyogenic inflammatory conditions. fasciotomiza allows patients to get better results in a shorter time with no side effects, unlike many products out there. The firm is creating an implantable device to alleviate pressure on internal organs to help the elderly with pressure ulcers, leaving the skin intact. This product is one of the most innovative solutions that we have seen in Brazil. Animal protection is one of the leading causes that motivate the Curitiba businessman.

Build a company to last

Haroldo Jacobovicz prefers having a competition spirit. He loves solving problems when they arise. When it comes to adding more business opportunities, the best approach is to look at opportunities that allow you to attract new and better customers, the “competitor tension.”