Hawkers, one of the fastest-growing sunglasses companies in the world, has managed to sell millions of its products at excellent profit margins. The success story of this company has shocked many people in the world. The humble company has achieved so much in a short time because of having the right people in leadership. Alejandro Betancourt, a corporate leader who has a great vision, is responsible for the great milestones in the sunglasses firm. The visionary investor brought good ideas into the company. The tactics used by the millionaire have made the company one of the most successful.

Spain roots

Hawkers began in Spain years ago. Four friends who wanted to create a successful business using the Craigslist version laid the foundation for the sunglasses platform. Getting the simple idea into the market turned out to be difficult because of cash flow issues. The friends, however, found success when they started selling sunglasses acquired from California. The success in this new project did not last because of the increasing demands from the customers.

Alejandro Betancourt joins Hawkers

The original sunglasses sold by the Spanish company did well in the market. As more money was coming from the sales, the founders of the company had to expand. The founders had to look for more capital to reach international customers. Despite the increase in sales, the company leaders realized that retaining profits was difficult. Alejandro Betancourt got in touch with the four friends, and he loved most of the concepts used by the facility. Alejandro Betancourt had worked with top companies in the country, and it was easy for him to identify brands with great potential. Alejandro Betancourt added capital into the Spain facility, and everything changed. The expansion in the company started because of the concepts brought by Lopez. The institution brought in new marketing ideas too.

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