Vijay Eswaran is the executive chairman and founder of the QI Group of Companies, whose headquarters are in Hong Kong, China. Eswaran is a philanthropist and a well-thought leader who has extensively spoken and written about leadership, business, life management, and personal development. He established a direct selling network using a revolutionary combination of e-commerce and direct selling. Since its establishment, this direct network has empowered and trained over million entrepreneurs worldwide on major emerging markets. Vijay Eswaran has ensured that QI Group of Companies has adhered to sustainable practices in business, thus making positive impacts on the regions they operate.

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In one of his many publications, he urges aspiring entrepreneurs to tame their egos and open their minds. Vijay Eswaran remembers when he was starting his entrepreneurship journey, a mentor told him he needed to empty his cup of ego. Entrepreneurs with a full cup of ego feel they already know everything, thus preventing them from learning new ideas. He adds that before entering the business world, you have first to empty your cup. Learning is critical in business, but you will never know it all.

Eswran recognizes that the process of emptying your cup of ego is not a one-time act. It is a continuous process, and we have to practice to integrate it into our life. Vijay Eswran says he practices an hour of silent introspection every day as a way of emptying his cup. We are living in a world that is shaped by technology and globalization. Therefore, business is transforming and contributing to a more open, diverse, and inclusive society.

According to Eswran, to achieve business growth in our modern society, we must embrace innovation championed by people coming together from various ethnicities, cities, and communities. Diversity has been proved to bring about business performance since people bring their ideas, perspectives, and experiences to the organization. Other mechanisms of ensuring business growth are ensuring gender equality and advocating for diversity in businesses.

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