Haiti has become a land full of atrocities, insecurities, and social injustices. Haitian women and children are no longer safe while in the streets. The political instability in the country causes aggravating insecurity rates. President Moise stalled the 2020 local and general elections. Therefore, the country doesn’t have a parliament or elected local leadership following the delayed general elections. Haiti is living in a full dictatorship. According to Georgette Mulheir, the president has been in power illegally since February. However, he has tightened his power grip and is leading the country to a dictatorship phase. Haitians are angry following the increased number of atrocities and are protesting daily. Georgette Mulheir, through Defend Haiti’s Democracy, is helping amplify the cry for the Haitians. 


Political gangs are kidnapping women and children, raping them, and killing Haitians opposing the president. The gangs are operating freely, and the president is collaborating with them. The collaboration has contributed to the grave crisis in the country. The president has also elected a secret police unit. Georgette Mulheir and human rights defendants know that the unit has received extra-judicial powers, and it reports directly to Moise. Moise has assembled people loyal to him in power, right from the Supreme Court to manage his leadership. Moise has defined new ruling decrees and orders. 


A constitution referendum has been organized, and it’s against the rule of law. Georgette believes that international bodies like the UN and powerful countries like the USA have been silent. A call for action is what she advocates for. Through her organization, Georgette Mulheir has managed to pool together international human rights activists. The activists are marching towards reinforcing democracy in Haiti through sensitizing the global world of what’s happening. According to Georgette, Haiti can only experience the peace it once enjoyed through a peaceful leadership transition. 


The transition government will help to restore the rule of law in the country. With a fully operational judicial system, the government will bring perpetrators of all the atrocities to justice. Georgette Mulheir developed her love for social services right from childhood. Her mother was a residential social worker who fought hard in defense of human rights. Global activist and human right defendant Georgette Mulheir enrolled through Sheffield University, where she studied music. After graduating, she joined Sheffield Social Services, where she served for two years. In 1993, Georgette shifted to Romania, where she established her mother and baby social services unit. She has been recognized as one of the top women social workers in the world.