Led by Eric Lefkofsky, Tempus, one of the leading companies in precision medicine and artificial intelligence, recently announced its strategic, multi-year partnership with AstraZeneca. The two firms, Tempus and AstraZeneca, will collaborate to discover and gather insights on new drug targets and develop therapeutics for the oncology community. As Eric Lefkofsky states, by integrating the two companies’ technological and biopharmaceutical capabilities, the companies desire to discover and develop advanced drugs that offer quick recovery.


The strategic partnership also aims to utilize Tempus’ multimodal data depository and AI-enabled platform to enhance new therapeutic oncology programs globally. In collaboration terms, AstraZeneca will influence Tempus’ analytical tools and identify data across varied competencies. Eric Lefkofsky points out that Tempus’ machine learning and artificial intelligence abilities will also be incorporated in the collaboration.


This, to identify new insights with the deep R&D expertise of AstraZeneca to come up with novel therapeutic patient options. According to the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Tempus, Eric Lefkofsky, Artificial Intelligence can advance precision medicine in unimaginable ways. 

They look forward to collaborating with AstraZeneca to apply AI-enabled solutions to develop its strong therapeutic pipeline to help patients live healthier and longer. AstraZeneca’s Executive Vice President, Susan Galbraith, also acknowledged that clinical advancements and cancer drug discovery are going through a transformation due to the use of Artificial Intelligence to analyze a large amount of rich data. Eric Lefkofsky has announced that she is pleased to partner with Tempus to garner vital information and develop their data-driven R&D strategy to intensify their understanding of complex tumor biology, increase clinical success probabilities, and boost access to analytical, preclinical models across their different pipelines.