Diversity is a hot topic, and for a good reason. Diversity in the workplace can help drive innovation, improve productivity, increase teamwork skills and enhance creativity. It not only benefits employees; it has substantial benefits for companies too. These are reasons why businesses should embrace diversity to thrive!

Vijay Eswaran says that business leaders must be open-minded to embrace diversity and inclusion. Diversity is needed for the business to thrive, continue learning and adjust successfully as conditions change – which they will!

As Vijay Eswaran says: “The driver of all great businesses over time has been innovative thinking“, but we need diverse thought processes and distinct skill sets within a team or company to do that. It’s not just about hiring more women at the top; it’s creating an environment where these talented people feel comfortable working together with their colleagues. The key here is balance; companies shouldn’t be solely focused on promoting one specific type of individual (such as those from underrepresented groups). Instead, they should look out for potential candidates who can bring something different to the table.

Vijay Eswaran is a serial entrepreneur who has built several successful businesses, including Quest International and Echoing Green Global Impact Investment Fund. He’s also an author of many business books such as ‘The Six PILLARS OF WEALTH’, ‘In The Sphere Of Silence’ and ‘How To Be A Great Communicator. he shares his insights on how companies can embrace diversity to thrive.

We should strive for diversity within our company or team because it allows us to use different skillsets from each person, which enhances creativity and innovation. It benefits employees and helps companies too by increasing productivity, improving teamwork skills, and enhancing overall creativity. When hiring, focus on finding individuals with different skillsets instead of focusing solely on promoting one group. Embracing diversity will allow you to be open-minded and use distinct thought processes, which can help drive innovation within your organization or company! Read more here: http://mlmnation.net/dato-vijay-eswaran-taxi-driver-worth-500-million-dollars-932/