Are you looking at how to be a transformational leader in the hospitality industry? Look no more! The story of Barry will inspire and equip you with tools to use to be transformational. Achieving positive growth in your venture needs you first to set achievable goals. Though many come up with a compelling vision, they do not fulfill it due to minor mistakes like being possessed with leadership and leaving employees to do it all by themselves.

Though they may at first keep the focus, they slowly lose it since you don’t inspire them, therefore, work with them and get things done fast. Another secret behind being a transformational leader is showing concern to your team. For example, Barry always gives an ear to any staff’s complaints and works towards solving anything in his power, for he is aware that a happy worker is more productive. Appreciating staff by promoting the deserving ones and involving them in decision-making can also boost productivity.

From day one in the hospitality industry to date (almost thirty years), he has never overlooked making staff happy and comfortable. Valuing his employees has scaled Pinnacle Hotels USA growth, for they usually transfer the same happiness in offering services. They will also willingly notify the office of anything that is not working, like furniture, since they are all trained in being leaders. Spending resources on undeserving projects can make your business fall terribly. Like Barry Lall, President and CEO of Pinnacle Hotels USA, use money in a way that it can give huge returns, like automating your operations, including marketing, inventory control, accounting and more

For almost thirty years of working in the hotel industry, Barry has attained ample experience he draws from when running the company. Pinnacle Hotels USA, based in San Diego, makes yearly profits of forty million dollars. The workforce has expanded from three employees: Lall and his two friends to 400-plus personnel spread across its nine hotels in Texas, Ohio, and California. Larry is a generous man who uses his wealth to promote education.