When in her final semester of Business school, Steph Korey received a call from an ally who was stranded at the airport with a traveling bag that was broken. She says that her friend was torn In between purchasing a high-quality suitcase that would cost quite a fortune or going for a much cheaper one that she wouldn’t be able to count on for long.


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As they were discussing the options, they realized that the market had a gap in that it missed a bag that was cost-friendly and one that was long-lasting, and this aroused a thought in her pondering how they would come up with one.

Steph Korey had initially been working at Warby Parker, where she was in charge of logistics before relocating to Columbia. Her friend from the airport, Jen Rubio, was her workmate there. In a span of three months after the incident, they had initiated their luggage company.

This was not an easy journey for them as they had to talk to eight hundred people about how they pack when traveling, means of transport to the airport, among other travel customs. All this was in an effort of creating a vivid picture of peoples` encounters in their expeditions.

From the interviews, Steph Korey discovered that most suitcases break due to weak wheels and zippers. This discovery enlightened her on new improvements needed, and she traveled to Asia, where she signed contracts to work with two producers of stronger zippers and wheels.

To top it off, she included an in-built battery and charging port in her suitcase invention, which she says was an idea she got from her customers who constantly complained of having to travel with dead phone batteries as they had no way of charging their phones.

These suitcases are sold online and at pocket-friendly prices.