Ryan Kavanaugh is the co-owner of TrillerNet, the media company which is one year into making radical in combat sports with exciting Fight Club, which targets younger participants by combining MMA, boxing, and music. The TrillerNet Company has held trilling events by hosting prominent personnel like Vitor Belfort, Mike Tyson, Wiz Khalifa, and Justin Bieber, among other top talented musicians who have promoted the company by selling out venues with online fans paying millions per view. Ryan Kavanaugh also has another combat called the Verzuz rap battles that is a music-centered video-sharing app that has promoted the Triller events by featuring superstars such as Timberland and KRS-ONE.

The TrillerNet not only focuses on social media and the fight game but also participates in the non-fungible tokens (NFT) market. It holds a Verzuz event that includes the Wind, Earth, Fire vs. Islay Brothers battle, and NFT properties. Non-Fungible Tokens were founded ten years ago, but it was this year that it did well in the market. Wall Street started to venture into the art market after seeing NFT exploding with prominent people like the Kings of Leon, LeBron James, and Shiba Inu Doge selling their tokens using NFT.

Ryan Kavanaugh believes that NFT is the reasoning while making career decisions in the entertainment sector surrounded by much innovation and forecasting the future. Ryan was the first person to use the Moneyball approach in film financing by establishing Relativity Media. The creation of this media enabled him to execute a deal for marvel Studios leading to the foundation of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This move saw him produce more than 200 most-watched films and win several Oscar awards, which generated billions at the box office. Ryan Kavanaugh and Triller formed Triller Fight Club in November 2020, an entertainment event that brings together music with combat sports.

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