Kip Lewis is among the most celebrated business leaders in the US. He is the founder and president of the prosperous real estate investment and development enterprise Lewis Investments, based in Austin, Texas. Not so long ago, the celebrated real estate sector entrepreneur came out to discuss the business lessons everyone should learn from 2020.


It’s time for businesses to embrace increased flexibility


Traditionally, businesses have been operating on straight and narrow paths that offer very little room for deviations from the norms. For this reason, many enterprises had a difficult time adjusting to the challenges that arose in 2020. Most of the businesses that were not flexible enough did not survive the year and shut down. However, the more flexible enterprises were able to get through the challenging times almost unscathed. According to Kip Lewis, more and more businesses are moving on to embrace increased flexibility given their experience in 2020.


It’s time to increase investment in technology


Before 2020, many enterprises were getting by leveraging the bare minimum of technology in their operations. This meant that their operations were heavily reliant on human resources. However, the challenges that emerged in 2020 made access to human resources in the traditional manner nearly impossible. This meant that most such companies had to temporarily halt their operations, which hurt their bottom line. Much of the losses they incurred could have significantly been minimized if they had advanced business technology in place. The Lewis investments founder mentioned that after this discovery, more enterprises are increasing their investment in technology.


About Kip Lewis


This Austin based entrepreneur found his break in the real estate industry by acquiring a development plot in Round Rock, Texas. In 1977, he made an even more significant move by purchasing a new office in Downtown Round Rock. Kip Lewis studied for a BBA at Texas State University and later joined The University of Texas.