The insurance sector is said to be one of the hardest industries to navigate. It calls for hard work and dedication to set up a flourishing insurance brand that many will love. John Ritenour is leading one of the most successful insurance companies in the United States, known as the Insurance Office of America (IOA). The company has secured a wide market of loyal clients from different parts of the country due to the quality of services and products it offers.

The company established the IOA Sports Partners division, which offers insurance coverage to sports teams and athletes. Having built on a solid foundation with a clear trajectory of its roles in the business., the newly developed department has grown exponentially to desirable heights supporting several teams in the United States. This department was mainly formed to offer insurance services to athletes and sports teams.

John Ritenour says that athletes undergo hardship due to lack of proper insurance coverage when they get emergencies that require attention and significant sums of money. This is why the Insurance Office of America decided to unleash its insurance powers in ensuring that all the athletes are adequately covered. The company has secured a good number of athletes and sports teams with which it collaborates with.

The insurance industry is not a walk in the park as many people think. This is because the business leader has to think about some of the worst cases in real-life situations to develop a detailed solution on how the matter can be solved. This is what John Ritenour thought about and decided to make athletes feel comfortable by covering all their needs through a series of insurance plans available in the market.

Recently, John Ritenour has led the company and is celebrating the achievements the company has made in the sports sector. The fruits of the efforts being showcased by the Insurance Office of America have become evident in the sports sector since many athletes and teams are currently benefiting.