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Richard Mishaan Design exceptionality

Richard Mishaan has been in the designing industry for more than 20 years. All through he has shown exemplary competence and has won the admiration of many for being a mix master. Richard Mishaan was born and brought up in Columbia. After graduating from the New York University where he received his BA, Richard Mishaan enrolled in the Columbia University School of Architecture. His career began at the Philip Jonson offices where he was apprenticing. Day by day, he perfected on his skills to become the interior designer and architect he is today.


Richard runs a firm known as Richard Mishaan Design which mainly personalizes the interior design of a house depending on the client’s needs. It also specializes in architecture and landscaping. The designs are not only artistic but also classic. The designers gather furnish and decors from different times and styles to make homes beautiful. The most exceptional work of Richard Mishaan Design is the redesigning of the presidential suits at St. Regis Hotel. Unlike other designers who achieve excellence by developing expensive structures, the Richard Mishaan Design comes up with glamorous and stylish designs all at a considerable amount of money.


The company has many clients including the residential, hospitality as well as the commercial industries. The most valuable asset for this endeavor is the clients. For this reason, the firm aims at satisfying the needs of the customers, given that they are the driving force of the company. Over the years, the company has gained popularity and has earned a reputation for offering professional opinions to the clients. For designers who want to advance in their career, Richard Mishaan Design provides a platform for them to grow. The fact that the company is able to come up with a desirable end product from the collections of the clients has placed Richard Mishaan Design at a high level.