An Artist at Heart

Doug Levitt is a self-professed artist at heart. This goes a long way in explaining his decision to leave his job as a forign correspondant for CNN, for a life on the road and small venues to play his music. Let’s face it, most of us would question a persons decision making abilities if we knew someone personally who had done this. Then again, most of us would not leave a good paying, steady job for a career that lies in heart of us. A “job” that we felt we were meant to do and read full article.

This is where Doug Levitt can be an inspiration for other people who are contemplating a move like that, yet lack the conviction to make that leap of faith. His passion is a way of life that pays. You can’t really call a situation like that a job, because most of us consider a job as something we have to do in order to pay the bills. So Doug is fortunate in that he not only had the conviction and faith to make that move, but he made it work and Doug’s lacrosse camp.

What exactly works here is that he is able to chronicle a facet of American society that most of us know precious little about, and put those observations to words and music. Songs that tell a tale which open up that part of society so we can all see it for what it is. It gives us understanding, and this understanding can help all of us connect better with each other. It is no secret that there is a wall between people in America in regards to socio-economic classes. What Doug does is help remove that wall so there are fewer misconceptions between, and about, us all.

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Wen By Chaz Has The WOW Factor

When it comes to hair care products, it is hard to find ones that really wow the customer. There are products that are impressive, well-done, and pretty good. Wen hair has the WOW factor and it keeps people coming back for more. They simply can’t get enough of it. They have tried it out, seen what it does, and they are in awe. They had no idea that a product like Wen by Chaz could do so many things at once such as shampoo, conditioner, and styling treatment. The customer can really have it all now thanks to Wen by Chaz.

That puts a big smile on Chaz Dean’s face. As with anything, it starts with the person that is behind the product. They are the person that is putting their stamp of approval on it. Because of this, they need to make sure they are creating a product that is going to live up to their lofty standing in the hair care industry. When people hear the name Chaz Dean, they stand up and take notice. That is for good reason. He delivers each and every time he creates a product. He never lets anyone down and he never disappoints anyone.

He certainly did not disappoint Emily McClure of in her review, which can be read here: She bought the Fig version from eBay which works on fine hair and promotes bounce and shine. She took the time to write a seven-day review of the product to let people know what they were getting and how it affected her hair over a seven day period. She wanted to include photos as well, so people could see the real-life results. By day seven, the results and the photos on Facebook spoke for themselves. This product was a winner and no one could deny that.

Wild Ark on South Africa Wildlife

Mark and Sophie Hutchinson started Wild Ark with the hope of being able to show their grandchildren wild lions in Africa. They are busy building Pridelands as a buffer zone between the needs of humans and wildlife protection. Pridelands is located near Kruger National Park The couple loves to teach and show others about wildlife on the continent of Africa.


Habitat Loss in South Africa


Animals living in South Africa face many different challenges. One of the largest problems is habitat loss through agriculture, industry and human settlement. As animals lose their natural habitat, they end up living in protected areas isolated from others greatly affecting the area’s biodiversity. Increased demand for traditional medicines, hunting intensity for bushmeat and cultural regalia have had a direct impact on many animals including the African wild dog, leopard and mountain reedbuck.


Illegal Hunting


Oribi and other animals are threatened by illegal sport hunting with dogs. The number of white and black rhinoceroses along with pangolins continue to decline because of illegal poaching.


The Effect of Severe Drought on South Africa’s Wildlife


Another problem faced by animals in the area is climate change. Increased drought conditions in the western part of South Africa has had a direct impact on many different species including forest shrews and roan antelope. Many families who have previously raised livestock and crops have had their way of life threatened by the water shortage and shorter growing season.


Learn About Animals in South Africa


One way that Wild Ark hopes to help protect South Africa’s biodiversity is through introducing people to animals in their natural habitats. They offer several courses such as bushwalking, photography and ecotracking. It is the hope of Mark Hutchinson and others working with him that when people encounter wildlife naturally that they will care more about what happens to these animals. Participants in these specially designed courses often have their own personal boundaries challenged as they sleep out under the stars, carry very few provisions and learn to live on much less than they originally thought necessary.

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Copa Star Hospital Changes the Way Care is Given

Hospital Copa Star is located in the south zone of Copacabana. It is quite different than many other hospitals around the area. This hospital utilizes a concept that includes sophistication as well as exquisite architectural design. It also includes luxury and high quality technology. All of this is used in the Copa Star Hospital to be able to provide for the patient’s health while being able to give them comfort as well as tranquility.

Copa Star Hospital has hired a team of professionals who are all highly trained. In addition to this the hospital also offers it’s patients personalized attention, hospitality, amazing care and a great amount of functionality in regards to the environment. The hospital uses a smart hospitality system which includes an iPad that has an application that is only for the patient’s use so that they are able to communicate with their doctors, it gives them access to their tests and labs that have been ran and also gives them the ability to request assistance from the nurses. In addition to all of this, Copa Star Hospital provides their patients with a sense of autonomy that isn’t experienced at other hospitals. The patient doesn’t have to leave the bed to control the lights or even open the curtains. This gives them optimal recovery time.

Copa Star is different in many ways, an another one is the design of the hospital. The architectural design that is seen throughout the hospital provides a specially enclosed area that is reserved for the transportation of stretchers as well as other medical equipment. This provides the hospital with a flow of movement during procedures. The hospital also displays works of art, which provides a more sophisticated feel. In addition to the sophisticated feel, it has been shown in research that the art pieces also helps to reduce anxiety as well as contributes to emotional responses that are positive. Both of these will help aid in the healing time of the patients. View the design at RafArquitetura.Com

The hospital boasts seven floors that are full of comfort to help serve as many patients as possible! Qualified care has been combined with highly complex surgeries that are able to be performed at this hospital. In the past, patients would have to fly to a different location to receive this type of care or surgery. However, with qualified professionals providing the care in a hotel like setting, patients can stay close to home and close to their loved ones while receiving treatments and recovering.

The medical professionals that work at Copa Star Hospital were all trained extensively. The trainings involved actors performing in emergency situations. This provided the professionals the ability to practice all procedures of care including the most routine procedures to the most complex measures. This hospital employs more than 550 employees and of this 550, 113 of them are medical staff professionals. Read more at Scoopnest about Copa Star.

The Entrepreneurship of Hussain Sajwani Provides A Lot of Great Designs for Holidays and Resorts

One thing that could be said about entrepreneurs is that they tend to take an artistic mindset to what they do. For one thing, when they find what they want to do, they tend to get really creative about how they can go about it.

One of the most creative areas that one can be involved with is real estate construction. Learn more about DAMAC owner: 

While a lot of people may assoc ate art with painting, there are people that show that the real estate construction business can be very artistic when it comes to the designs that they can bring forth. Hussain Sajwani is an example of someone who has managed to take on the real estate construction industry in a way that revolutionizes the industry.

Hussain Sajwani is always involved with projects that improve communities. He takes a look at all of the aspects of the property that he is looking to build and thinks about how he could bring them to its best. Read more: Hussain Sajwani | Family

One thing that he looks at is the views. After all, people love to have a good view when they get to a resort for a vacation. Hussain Sajwani believes that everyone on every level should be able to enjoy the view when they are on vacation.

When Hussain designs the property that he is intending on building, he takes a lot into consideration. While he does look at safety, he also looks for ways to bring forth an appealing design.

Safe does not have to mean boring. He can easily come up with buildings that look amazing while being safe to be in or around. The DAMAC owner deals with every aspect of the structure so that people will be able to rest easily on the building that they are occupying.

He looks over the designs in order to make sure that there is no issue that could ruin it.

Can It Really Be The Roberto Santiago, Owner Of Manaira Shopping Mall

Roberto Santiago is one of the richest men in Brazil. He is a well-known figure in Brazil due to his catchy editorials. In spite of him being a professional writer, Roberto is one different man who has diversified his wealth acquired from freelance writing into real estate. When it comes to Roberto, no big idea is unattainable. Today, he is the proud owner of Manaira Shopping Mall, a business complex that resembles a small city. With the mall having come about in 1989, it has evolved over the years to be a spot where many people desire to have a good time especially over the weekends and during holiday seasons.

The Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Mall is so enormous to the extent that it houses more than a hundred shops. Besides, it is strategically placed along a road corridor thus making it a transit point for most travelers. Whatever you desire turns out to be readily available at the Manaira business complex. Some of the enterprises present in this monument of a building include but are not limited to a food court, restaurant, stalls, health clinics, entertainment joints, and fashion and design houses.

Something fascinating about the Manaira Shopping Mall is that it accommodates activities that are ideal for children, adults, and families. Therefore, no one feels left out at the end of the day. Families can always have a good time at the gourmet space; an area secluded primarily for family bonding. Besides, the complex also boasts of guided tours that allow visitors to familiarize themselves with the entire complex.

Since Santiago knows that education is the key to success, he has built a state of the art college right in the heart of the Manaira Shopping Mall. Also, the Manaira Shopping Mall has some stylish joints that give adults the opportunity to have fun, especially during the evenings. For those who cannot resist watching movies on big screen television sets, the complex has modern movie theaters. In total there are eleven cinemas, with each movie theater having been made in a unique way so as to satisfy the needs of different customers. Moreover, the theaters have the latest gadgets there is on the market today.

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Ever since Mr. Santiago tried his luck in property development, he has never looked back. He has also been able to come up with the Mangabeira Shopping Mall, another complex that is quite significant as compared to other business complexes in Brazil. Manaira Shopping Mall also happens to be the largest enterprise complex in all of Brazil. Apart from being a businessman, Roberto Santiago is also good at producing quality videos. From the look of things, there is no single building that can match to the size and number of services that the Manaira Shopping Mall offers to the general public.


To Know About Best Wines, Visit UKV PLC

UKV PLC is a wine merchant that is providing wine to people all around the world. There are people who are buying wines for drinking, or for enjoying or even for collecting while some need them for investing.

UKV PLC has been supplying wine in U.K. as well as globally for many years now. They have ample knowledge about wines which they share with their customers through their experts in wine. This way customer can know all about the best possible wines for them. Today investing in wine has become very popular. Hence experts can help wine merchants by assisting them in finding wines that can provide them great returns in the future.

The vision of UKV PLC is shared by all its employees. This company is completely independent of wineries as well as vineyards that are producing certain specific wines. This is why the management of the UKV PLC can explore all the global options in order to find wines that suit all the needs of their esteemed customers. Hence they are not favoring any specific vineyard or any wine producing partner.

It is this independence of UKV PLC that has allowed it to provide its clients a range of wines from the different regions that include Bordeaux, Champagne besides Burgundy, in addition to some excellent choices from places like Italy as well as Spain.

UKV PLC is doing much more than just providing highly impressive wines that are available. It is making use of the latest technologies in order to link its customers with the latest developments in this wine industry. They are highly active on social media such as Facebook and Instagram too. This way they are trying to add a bit of fun in this wine industry. UKV PLC Wines shares the latest articles with its clients too.

Sawyer Howitt: Entrepreneur and Rising Racquetball Star

When it comes to sporting in America, racquetball is not the first thing that comes to mind. There are a plethora of sports which have grown to become American favorites, like baseball, football, and even soccer. However, it is still quite a serious game, America even has an Olympic racquetball team! Sure, the sport does not support the stardom attributed to other competitive ventures, but this does not mean the field is without its own interested spectators.

These spectators are seemingly preoccupied with a bright young player. Sayer Howitt, of Portland OR, has been the subject of various racquetball attention. Since his days as a novice at Lincoln High School, people began to pay attention. Now, Sawyer Howitt competes on a professional level in singles matches, and is looking to broaden his scope to the world of doubles!

Howitt plays at the The Racquet Club in Portland, OR, which might be a reason why his name is rising up the ranks of racquetball. The club describes itself as “private and family-oriented”, and was established in 1945. Given the club’s decades of history for sporting in combination with socializing, this might help explain the buzz around this player who some have described as a “future olympian”. While it has been pointed out the Howitt lost a 2015 tournament, he has since matched up against his fellow alumni John Curley and Gavin Usher and honed his abilities. While only time will tell whether he can conquer the sport, his past statistics (including numerous victories) are promising quantification of the potential to win.


Thor Halvorssen’s Unusual Background and HRF Experiences

It really is hard to label Thor Halvorssen who has been one of the most outspoken yet hard-to-know leaders in modern human rights activities. His life’s mission has been to expose how bad human suffering is under tyrannical and corrupt governments while also rewarding civil disobedience against attacks on freedom of speech. His most famous achievement has been the founding of the Human Rights Foundation (HRF), a gathering of individuals from all over the world who share how they’ve fought against tyranny in the most creative ways. Halvorssen is a writer at several media outlets including The Atlantic and the Huffington Post and has made appearances on cable news networks such as CNN and Fox News.

Thor Halvorssen has the unusual ethnicity of being both Norwegian and Venezuelan. As a young man he saw the struggles his father and cousin went through in speaking out against political corruption which led to their imprisonment. His mother was also shot but survived an anti-government riot against the dictator Hugo Chavez. His family’s experiences have certainly strengthened his resolve to preach dissidence and civil liberties despite being detained and caught several times in smuggling operations. Halvorssen has mastered the art of going off the grid when he needs to and keeping his contact information hidden.

There have been several stories Halvorssen has lived to tell about that include helping citizens in North Korea and helping prisoners escape. In North Korea Halvorssen and a group of North Korean defectors chose a launch site in South Korea to launch strong helium balloons containing information about the outside world and the dictator Kim Jong Un’s brutality that the government had been trying to suppress. Halvorssen’s efforts from HRF also eventually led to the freeing of Ali Abdulemam, a news writer and blogger who had been imprisoned in Bahrain for writing about human rights violations and telling the truth about information suppression. Some of the films Halvorssen has produced that tell the stories of fights for freedom in oppressed nations include Freedom’s Fury , Hammer & Tickle and The Sugar Babies. Halvorssen is also involved with the Children’s Peace Movement.

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Life Line Prevention Health Screenings – An Ounce Of Prevention Is Worth A Pound Of Cure!

Life Line Screenings is a very unique health screening service. They offer services to help you take preventative measures to improve your present and future health. They uses different screening techniques to ensure accurate measurement. Life Line Screening uses ultrasound, EKG screenings, finger-stick blood screenings and even a limited amount of electrocardiograph. Blood screenings are used to detect a complete lipid panel screening, glucose screening, high sensitivity C-reactive protein screening and elevated liver enzymes screening.

The ultrasound screenings offer information on bone mineral density, ankle-bronchial index, carotid artery disease screening and abdominal aortic aneurysm screening.

Life Line Screening offers the following other available tests for you to be able to know and understand how these different tests and their results may be affecting your health. The following is a list of most of the other tests Life Line Screenings do:

  1. Testosterone Deficiency Screening
  2. Vitamin D Srceening
  3. Heart Disease Screening
  4. Congestive Heart Failure Screening
  5. Cartoid Artery Disease
  6. Peripheral Artery Disease Screening
  7. Osteoporosis Screening
  8. Health Risk Assessment
  9. Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm Screening
  10. Lung Cancer Screening
  11. Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Screening
  12. High Cholesterol Screening
  13. Atrial Fibrillation Screening
  14. Elevated Liver Enzymes Screening
  15. Clorectal Cancer screening
  16. Thyroid Disease Screening
  17. Prostrate Cancer Screening
  18. High Blood Pressure
  19. Chronic kidney Disease

With so many options, Life Line health screenings has a whole lot to offer any one at any stage of life. They go above and beyond to thoroughly investigate health care matters. It is easy to go to your regular primary care doctor and not feel as if you have covered your health care issues that you are concerned about. Turn to Life Line Screening for much more definitive answers through screenings and answers to most all of your health care screenings. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!