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Ted Bauman: Taking Foreign Stock

When it comes to foreign investments, many people are confused about where to start or when might be a good time. Ted Bauman, author of “Time Is Running Out to Turbocharge Your Investments”, says that now is the best time to put your money into foreign financial markets in a recent article on The reason now is a good time is because the U.S Dollar remains strong internationally, but that might not always be the case. There is going to be a time, perhaps soon, where the U.S Dollar might drop in strength. Investors should take advantage of its strength now and purchase as much foreign stock as they feel they can comfortably buy in preparation for this event.

The fact is that the U.S. Dollar is already declining internationally. With changing taxes and increases in federal debt, the value of the dollar is bound to change. Bauman urges smart investors to take advantage of the price gap now, before the chance to do so passes. As it weakens, international currency may even surpass it and the opportunity will be gone. Bauman explains in the article that in preparation for this, some currencies are beginning to dramatically catch up to the U.S.

Buying low and selling high is the key in the investment handbook. Bauman explains that it is no different when it comes to trading on international markets. The investor must simply pay attention to the value of the U.S. dollar. When it is high it has more power internationally, and they can purchase more. As it drops in strength, then the price for the international investment increases and they can sell it for a profit. Bauman thinks that the easiest one to do this with is forestry land. While it seems like something the investor might have to travel for, there are countries that are set up to accommodate them never having to visit to purchase it. Bauman teases that he will be traveling in the coming months to elaborate on how this type of investment can be carried out.

Bauman has always cared about the people that can benefit from his investment advice. After receiving an advanced degree in Economics, Bauman worked as a fund manager for a program working to provide low-cost housing. He has worked internationally in various positions, gaining an extensive amount of knowledge in his field. Bauman continues to contribute to the financial world as an Editorial Director for Banyan Hill Publishing through weekly publications.

Matt Badiali’s Incredible Achievements

Matt Badiali is an expert who has specialized in various sectors including energy, agriculture and mining. Matt has been a great contributor to a publishing company in Banyan Hill. Badiali holds a bachelor’s degree from the Penn State University where he studied Earth Sciences. He further did a master’s degree from Florida Atlantic University where he specialized in Geology.

Before he joined Banyan Hill, Matt Badiali had worked for a drilling company as a geologist. He had also been a consultant for an environmental company where matters concerning the environment were presented to him. Matt Badiali has practiced in various platforms where he has been successful.

The investment opportunities in which he has undertaken have been very successful. Matt Badiali has travelled in many places delivering talks to investors. He has also researched on the prospects of investments in many areas. This approach has enabled him to travel widely to many countries including Iraq, Hong Kong, Turkey, Singapore, Switzerland and Papua New Guinea.

Matt Badiali has visited very many wells containing oil and mines all over the world. This has enabled him to have versatile experience as he can tell which well is better for the oil. His advice has enabled him improve the economy since he delivers quality work. He has questioned various Chief Executive Officers on how they handle resources at their companies.

He has interrogated the executive officers on how they have conducted their latest resources and analyzed the geologic data that has been presented to him. Matt has made a discovery that the best investment is one that an individual is able to see. Some individuals take an opportunity and make investments without the knowledge of their partners.

Matt Badiali’s training made him to discover the red flags that are located beneath the ground. The red flags made him attain vital geological evidences. His profession has enabled him to check the skills of the drilling crews whereby he is able to deduce how long those drilling the holes might take to complete one hole. Matt also checks how smooth the operation is being conducted.

The health and potential of the drilling crew has been safeguarded since Matt Badiali watches them as they conduct their work. He advises the drillers on the precautions they should take while going about their work. Matt’s position as an investor has made him make profits in the geologic sector. He has gained much in the field through the diverse industries he has participated in.

Experts at copper giant Codelco, the Chilean state-owned mining company, believe the red metal could hit $10,000 per…

Posted by Matt Badiali on Friday, November 3, 2017

Learning More About Osteoarthritis and How to Manage It

Arthritis is common in a lot of people throughout the world but many people don’t really understand that is not a single disease, but a basic term used to refer to different joint pain or disease in the general basic form. The term is very broad and covers more than 100 different types of disease or pain. Arthritis effects for than 50 million adults in the United States alone too.

One of the most common types of arthritis is osteoarthritis. Osteoarthritis is a type of joint disease that begins to degenerate at the cartilage. Cartilage is the soft substance located between the joints. As the cartilage begins to break down and wear away this will cause friction between the bones as they start to rub against each other causing pain stiffness and swelling. The more it swells the more pain and discomfort it can cause too. Unfortunately, there is no cure, there are some treatment options that can help manage the joint pain and cause less discomfort in your daily activities.

Some factors that help contribute to the possibility of fighting with osteoarthritis is excess weight, age, family history and previous industries with that joint. Some daily routines that can help are gentle exercising right before you go to bed to help prevent stiffness in the morning. When watching tv, reading etc. adjust your position frequently and be sure to stand up and walk around every so often. Repetitive movements can cause issues too on the joints. One of the best ways to help with joint pain relief is to manage your weight and quit smoking as well. Remember to always pace yourself in whatever you do as well.


The Osteo Relief Institute, based in New Jersey is a good place to start if you have any questions or concerns ( The Osteo Relief Institute has several doctors focused and dedicated to helping you with your relief and helping to put you on a right path to correction your joint pain or minimize it to live a normal life.


At the Osteo Relief Institute, they focus on using the most advanced technology to give them the edge in helping their clients get long lasting pain relief. Their staff is expertly trained on the issues to help. At the Osteo Relief Institute, they are trained to give you advice in every day English and not medical terms to help you understand your options to the fullest. Contact them and see how they can help you today.


Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero – The Man Behind Grupo Televisa’s Growth

Grupo Televisa is a brand name in the world of media in Mexico. It would be wrong to say only Mexico, but Grupo Televisa is quite famous in the whole of Latin America and also in the entire world currently. The majority of the programming of the company airs in the United States of America on Univision which is a broadcasting station in the US, and it has a complete contract with this particular broadcasting station. The current market value of Grupo Televisa is estimated to be about 15.6 billion dollars. Media is a big business in the current century which is one of the best platforms for information, entertainment and at the same time, it is used to influence the viewers. Grupo Televisa is the largest media company in Latin America and is also the first in the Spanish speaking world.

The company owes it success to Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero who currently holds the post of the Chief Financial Officer and at the same time he is one of the directors of Grupo Televisa. Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero has just given everything to the company. He has helped the company to establish several media connections across the whole media industry, and Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero has made it a point to go beyond the Spanish speaking nations.

Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero besides managing the finances he pays for a huge number of productions which are very influential. The vast experience of Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero in the media world has played a crucial role in the success of Grupo Televisa. He has provided effective guidance to the company in making it to the top of the list in the world of media. Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero is simply one of the greatest assets of the company in all aspects.

Paul Mampilly Improving Newsletter Subscribers Returns

The simple fact is that people trust Paul Mampilly when it comes to his ability to provide advice to those making decisions in the financial industry. It is for that reason that his newsletter full of advice and coverage has exceeded 60,000 subscribers just a little earlier this year, and there does not seem to be any end in sight. Profits Unlimited is the name of his work, and it is one of the fastest growing newsletter that the industry has ever seen.

At the core Paul Mampilly is just a simple-minded American investor who has the uncanny instinct to be able to pick out winners and weed through the rest like hardly anyone else in the game. His experience as a former hedge fund manager led to his selection as a winner of the prestigious Templeton Foundation investment competition, and now he is delivering the secrets to the thousands who want in on what he’s got.

Not everyone is going to be able to turn a $50 million investment into $88 million during the height of the financial crisis without shorting stocks. In reality that 76% gain is going to be hard to match even during the calmer times of the market fluctuations, but there is still a lot to be learned from his techniques and tips that are shared in the Profits Unlimited pages. Each month there is a new stock recommendation from Paul Mampilly himself, and so far the picks have been great with the vast majority of the picks in the open portfolio turning a profit while quite a few have gains in the 20-40% range.

The author has covered biotech and health care as an analyst and portfolio manager for major international banks such as Deutsche Bank, ING and Bankers Trust who all understand that he has a way with the markets. Anyone looking to make shrewd decisions that are likely to turn a profit should subscribe in order to stay in touch with his expertise.

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Omar Boraie’s Contribution in The New Brunswick’s Real Estate Industry

Omar Boraie is changing the face of luxury in New Brunswick’s real estate industry. Although he is a native of Egypt, it is in New Brunswick where he has built a home and continues to help many more people own homes in the area. Boraie came to New Brunswick in the year 1998. He had just graduate with a degree, in Chemistry, from a university in his home country. He then came to the New Brunswick University to pursue his doctorate. Initially, Boraie only planned on spending two years abroad. He had no idea that this would be his home, where he would settle his family and also start a family.

Boraie started out working as a real estate agent for one of the leading firms in the area. His career decision was fostered by the unavailability of employers who were willing to recognize his education experience. He decided that he wouldn’t work for a firm just to be paid less than an undergraduate. His real estate career picked real fast and years later, he was investing in the industry. Investing in this industry was a flair that was sparked when he was buying his first home.

At that point, Boraie identified that there was a gap in the commercial real estate industry. According to NJ Biz, at first, so many realtors discouraged him, but Boraie was adamant and knew that he had to succeed. And it came to be that he would be one of the most successful realtors in the area.

Boraie has been very instrumental in the growth of the real estate industry in New Brunswick. He doesn’t have to own buildings with his name on them, in order to gain recognition, but the innovation and technology used on his properties is enough for him to be a trendsetter.

He is the owner of Albany Street Plaza I and II. Through his company, he also developed Aspire which is one of the most modernized apartment complexes in New Jersey. Aspire is a 17-storey property that is adjacent New Brunswick Train Station. The property accommodates people from various lifestyles. It has studio apartments, one bedrooms and two bedrooms which together make 200 units. The property opened its doors in the year 2015. What makes Aspire a hot cake is the list of amenities. From decks, lobby man to parking areas- the list is endless.

Omar Boraie has contributed to the growth and revitalization of New Brunswick in more ways beyond real estate developments. Currently, he chairs a genomics science chair at the Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey. According to Boraie, genomics is the future of cancer treatment, His passion for cancer research developed back in the day when he was a donor at Bristol-Myers Squibb Children’s Hospital. After interacting with cancer patients, he knew that one day, he wanted to bring hope to these patients. It is then that he decided to talk to Rutger University officials and researchers. And, that was the beginning of his genomics chair at the University.