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The Importance of Cyber security and Why You Should Choose Rubica as Your Security Provider

Cyber security is a topic that has dominated the business scene for quite a while now. This is largely contributed to by the ballooning instances of cyber crimes that most often than not cripple businesses and destabilize the global economy. Investors and business managers alike must be conversant with the changing technological landscape to protect their ventures from the cyber criminals. Besides business, individuals who care about their reputation have been keen on employing personal cyber security measures.


Cyber crimes have far-reaching implications than one would guess. The WannaCry attacks that occurred earlier this year, for example, affected companies and governments in over 150 nations across the globe. This kind of attack would definitely explain why tech experts must keep inventing and reinventing measures to curb these attacks. The criminals are getting creative and dangerous by the day, and investors must counter them at whatever cost. The few who are yet to embrace cyber security, on the other hand, should consider the following factors that would probably convince them on the need to have solid cyber security measures.


Importance of Cyber security



To begin with, the cost of cyber attack to any business is humongous relative to that of putting cyber security measures in place. The crimes accounted for over half a trillion dollars in business losses in just a couple of years between 2013 and 2015. These losses are calculated in terms of business down times, stolen money, hardware damages, forensic investigation costs, and data losses among many others. Cyber security Ventures predicts that with the increased rate of cyber crimes, the costs resulting from them will increase tenfold by the year 2021.


Secondly, cyber attacks are getting severer with time. The criminals are targeting prominent businesspersons and politicians, with the aim of damaging their reputation. One notable victim of the crimes is Hillary Clinton. During her presidential campaigns, the Democrat candidate had her email hacked and her private emails exposed. This shows the extent to which these crimes can damage the life and reputation of a victim ( Personal cyber security is therefore as important as that of organizations and businesses.



Rubica Inc.



Rubica Inc. is a tech firm that cares about personal cyber security for its clients. The company brings together some of the sharpest tech minds in the United States to form a formidable team that is capable of keeping any form of cyber attack at bay. With over a decade of experience in the industry, Rubica presents you the best choice for personal cyber security.