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How the Orange Coast College is Transforming the Economic and Environmental Status of Southern California

Along Adams Avenue in Southern California stands the $7 million Orange Coast College’s recycling facility. The facility occupies a ground space of about 5 acres and has a parking space of up to up to 45 vehicles, offices & a meeting area, and shower places. The recycling facility was opened to the public on October 16, 2017, following a one-year-long construction process. The opening ceremony was graced by prominent people such as Orange Coast College’s staff members who cut the inauguration ribbon. It was during the opening ceremony that it was announced that the facility would remain operational on every single day of the week.




What Will Be Recycled



Glass & plastic containers, empty beverage bottles, tin & aluminum cans, old magazines, cardboard, as well as metal scraps constitute waste products that the Orange Coast College’s recycling facility will be recycling. Residents of southern California who will be taking these waste materials to the recycling facilities are set to be receiving a reasonably good compensation depending on the type of material they deposit. The facility has an added advantage in that it can recycle waste electronics such as fluorescent bulbs, TVs, monitors, and fax machines among others. Bearing in mind that such electronics contain dangerous chemicals that can pollute the environment, the facility has solved many problems that would otherwise arise. Over and above that, the facility can recycle household items such as old furniture and clothes. Learn more:




Economic and Environmental Benefits



With the Orange Coast College’s recycling plant in place, South California is safe from air and waste pollution. The facility adapts eco-friendly building and energy generating apparatus which reduce the environmental degradation. According to Costa Mesa Mayor, the facility will have not only environmental but also economic advantages. The Orange Coast College’s president, on his part, noted that many jobs would be created at the facility. Learn more:




About OCC



The Orange Coast College was established as a community college in the late 1940s. It is located in Costa Mesa, with a majority of its classes being buildings that formed part of the area’s former military base. The college has professors that teach more than 135 different undergraduate programs. More than 20,000 are enrolled in these program as of today.