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The Quincy: Dark Past Mars Upscale Complex


The Quincy is an apartment complex and also a general area within the city of New Brunswick, NJ that has acquired a bad reputation due to violent crimes that have taken place over the years. Police have dubbed this neighborhood a crime hotspot. The Quincy apartments website boasts a prime location that is in close proximity to Amtrak and other public transportation. Additionally the Downtown atmosphere is within steps including bars, restaurants, and retail shops (The Quincy Living).


In 2013 a pizza deliveryman was robbed and held at gun point. Upon arriving at the Northern building in the Quincy circle, residents claimed no pizza was ordered for their specific address. Returning to his car the deliveryman encountered three men who then proceeded to hold him at gun point – stealing his wallet, money and pizza. Police were able to tie suspects to the scene of the crime by acquiring cell phone meta data that put them at the time and place of the robbery. (The Patch)


In October of 2015 multiple gun shots could be heard throughout the complex leaving one person injured. The gunshot victim was driven to the Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital and the driver is believed to be the suspected shooter. Police were later called back to the scene of the crime when more bullet casings were discovered on the premises. (New Brunswick Today)


Geographically, in relation to the rest of the city it would seem that this neighborhood is prime real estate. On the inside of the complex apartments are furnished with stainless steel finishes in terms of appliances, stone counter-tops and wood flooring – everything a renter looks for when apartment shopping. However, the unfortunate amount of violent crimes that occur in this area of the city are sure to be detractors that companies who own these buildings are going to want to get in front of in order to attract more residents to the area.