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Jeunesse Products Boost Mood, Energy and Provide Opportunities to Look and Feel Healthier

Jeunesse has emerged as a cutting-edge company that has products which represent longevity and empowers a youthful appearance.

Founders Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis started the company with the vision to help people live their true potential and use exclusive products for looking and feeling their best. Jeunesse was officially launched on September 9, 2009 at 9:00 P.M., which has a very significant meaning. With the number “nine” representing longevity, Randy and Wendy chose that date and time specifically as a reminder of their desire to help others to thrive. The revolutionary product lines by Jeunesse provide an opportunity for individuals to look and feel healthier, which is an added benefit that is important to the two founders.

Jeunesse products are sold all over the globe for every race, ethnicity and economic background. The product categories include face creams, skin care products, nutritional products and even energy drinks. The energy drink “Nevo” is one of the company’s most-successful products sold.

In 2016, Jeunesse was awarded the Stevie Award for Consumer Product of the Year, for Nevo. The energy drink is made with essential B-vitamins rather than being overloaded with caffeine. The natural ingredient of green tea provides the boost along with the B-vitamins, which makes it a very popular addition to the Jeunesse product line.

The company has made it possible for consumers to purchase their products in packages, allowing cost-saving benefits as well as variety within a single purchase. A popular package that includes Nevo energy drinks also includes products such as “AM and PM Essentials”, which are daily dietary supplements that help with morning mood enhancement and nighttime restorative sleep. Additionally, the package includes the weight management product- ZEN Prime. Jeunesse partnered with well-known celebrity trainer Mark McDonald to create ZEN Prime. The company chose Mark to help consumers achieve a responsible way to manage weight and create effective lifestyle habits.

The products offered by Jeunesse inspire a very powerful desire to live with zest. The products provide an outstanding and incredible opportunity for people to change their lives to feel better inside and out.