Daniel Mark Harrison: Pioneering in Cryptocurrency

Daniel Mark Harrison has set himself apart from the rest by venturing into the little-known world of Cryptocurrency, something that most of his peers in the financial industry were unable to do. He has brought fresh perspective towards other forms of money, attracting immense attention among investors worldwide.

He holds a Business administration Masters’ degree from BI Norwegian business school, Theology Bachelor’s degree from Oxford University and a masters’ degree in journalism from University of New York. Evidently, Mr. Harrison has equipped himself with the right knowledge to steer him far beyond the financial sector on to other related, more social sectors. It is no surprise that he has managed to build an astounding career.

Harrison serves as chairman and CEO of his company. He is involved in managing assets owned by himself and his family. He comes from the well-known ‘Harrison & Sons’ company, which has for a long time worked to print money. The company was later taken over by De La Rue, growing further into Singapore, Hong Kong, and Bangkok.

He simultaneously works as Monkey Capital’s managing partner. Monkey Capital is an investment company in the blockchain business. The company has recently turned heads for financial inventions such as crowdfunding and is fast becoming a force to reckon with for other financial institutions. The seemingly young CEO has led projects in his Companies, earning him attention the world over due to its successes. He has managed to introduce cryptocurrency to significant players in the financial industry, including investors. This has, in turn, contributed to the tremendous growth of Monkey capital.

Now the company is fit to be regarded international and looks to spread its wings all over the world. Harrison at one time explained that the Monkey Capital had worked hard to popularize COEVAL tokens by giving them out to friends and family, with the intention to popularize the idea. Known for his abundance of skills, Harrison has gathered experience as an author, entrepreneur, businessman, Journalist, among others. Big media houses like CNN, Reuters, and Bloomberg, have featured him in numerous interviews. Harrison has written articles published in the daily dot magazine, Forbes, the wall street Journal and the portfolio magazine.

Paul Mampilly Provides On Stock Market Investment

Paul Mampilly has been serving The Sovereign Society as their Senior Editor since 2016. Their primary role is to guide Americans on wealth creation and growth in different areas. For 25 years, Paul worked on Wall Street where he gained first-hand experience in money management. He, later on, relieved himself of his duties to have ample time with his family.

Paul served as an analyst in the 1980s at Deutsche Asset Management then he later became a money manager at Bankers Trust, Sears, Swiss Bank, and Royal Bank. Paul is also remembered for his contribution in Kinetics between 2009 and 2010 where he directed an investment of $25 billion. The invested yielded a profit of 67% and 20% in the two years. He offered the same investment advice to Templeton Foundation.

Paul Mampilly is capable of analyzing and providing an individual with requirement information on investments based on his experience of over 20 years as a former Wall Street insider. His services have been of benefit to more than 60,000 people. Paul also provides information about companies, and he can advise on stocks that are likely to increase in value. Some stocks rise when new technologies are used to solve a market need, manipulation in Wall Street and company’s unknown edge.

Details of Paul’s Successful Hedge Fund Management
Paul Mampilly has been part of hedge fund management team and an investor in America. He also won Templeton Foundation Competition in 2009. During this time he was awarded for turning $50 million into a profitable investment of $88 million, which was a 76% increase.

Paul provides his subscribers with a monthly newsletter where he suggests a new stock that is likely to grow. He monitors the growth of their investments as he advises his customers on a weekly basis. Paul has good reviews from his subscribers who have termed him as outstanding and an advisor that understands the stock market well. Through his work, he has managed to grow Banyan Hill Publishing into 200,000 subscribers. The publishing houses focus on publishing information that gives an insight on stock market investments.

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