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What Metals You Should Invest In For 2018 According To Industry Expert Matt Badiali


As a senior editor at Banyan Hill Publishing, Matt Badiali uses his expertise in natural resources to let people know how to invest in natural resources such as precious metals. He has traveled the world to uncover opportunities such as going to Switzerland, Singapore, Papua New Guinea, and Iraq. He pours over geological data and asks chief executive officers the hard questions.

For 2018, Matt Badiali says that silver is the precious metal to invest in. In the first weeks of the year it was already up 10% and he expects this to continue. He said that the price of silver was up 15% in 2016 and only up 4% in 2017. He said that silver didn’t get a lot of attention in 2017 – he considers it “benign neglect” – but it will break out in 2018 as it comes back into vogue.

There are three other commodities he thinks that investors should go long on for 2018. These are copper, zinc, and lead. He said that they respectively gained 30%, 30%, and 26% in 2017. The reason these gains will continue, he says, is that they have shrinking supplies. From 2011 to 2015 these metal were in a vicious bear market. Due to this, many of the companies that mine these commodities shut down operations. They also stopped investing in expansion, Matt Badiali says, which has now resulted in a limited supply. Follow Matt Badiali on Twitter

Matt Badiali says that the limited supply of copper, zinc, and lead won’t change for awhile. He compares mines to bread and says that once you run out of slices the loaf is gone. He goes on to compare mining to deli’s in that once they stop buying bread they’ll eventually run out. They can order more but it won’t arrive for awhile.

His analysis shows that zinc supply is going to drop 1.4% in 2018. He says demand, though, will go up for it. Lead, also, has dropping supply but large demand. The best one he thinks for 2018, though, is copper. The price of copper is expected to grow to $4.55 because of the dynamics at play. Due to this he thinks copper miners will shine in 2018 and be the best investment of the year.

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Igor Cornelsen has Advice for the Foreign Investors before Investing in Brazil

Brazilian industry was going through an economic turmoil with GDP of the country even shrunk in the past. But, that is an old story, and in the recent days, the economy started showcasing strong momentum of consistent growth. One of the largest economic partners of the country, China also came back into a full production mode per the latest update. It is great news for all the investors, especially the international investors who wanted to earn from the rallying market. However, there are some checklists and researches should be done before investing in a foreign soil. Igor Cornelsen, a Brazilian investment advisor and banker, provides the important areas where every investor should focus when investing in a growing market like Brazil.

Igor Cornelsen says that the investors should be vigilant on currency controls as Brazil follows strict currency controls. People who are non-resident nor local business can only exchange the currency from authorized banks. Also, there are different exchange rates based on the transaction. Smart investors can make use of this opportunity to generate profit with proper research and knowledge of currency laws. Cornelsen also confirms that Brazilian people are more business oriented. Networking and relationship have greater roles in establishing businesses in the country. He also adds that both the jobs are quite easy in the country.

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Interestingly, as many as 25% of Brazilians who are aged between 18 and 64 are running their own business. As most Brazilians are known for genuine welcoming and like to talk, the foreign investors can easily communicate with them and convey their ideas and get new from the Brazilian people. However, the saddest part for the foreign investors is the heavy regulations of the government. In the administrative sections of the Brazilian government, people will meet regulations and officials blocking their ways into business. Cornelsen confirms that while the market is getting bigger, it is generally looked as delicate – the primary cause of many regulations. He advises the aspiring investors to do extensive research to know the major hurdles and the red tapes that can be avoided smartly.

Igor Cornelsen thinks that as the country is coming back from a near economic disaster, he sees a strong momentum in the coming days. This is the reason, he recently shifted from Florida to his home country for taking part of the new excitement visible in the country’s market. Interestingly, the investment firm of Igor Cornelsen helps the foreign investors by providing them advises, strategies, and assistance to strike gold from the Brazilian waters. His strategies have helped the investors to earn significant profits in the past. It is always vital to seek advises from expert Brazilians, especially from Igor Cornelsen who has decades of experience in the Brazilian market. Check more: