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Shafik Sachedina the Passionate Entrepreneur in the Health Sector

Shafik Sachedina, a member of Sussex Health Care Company board of directors, is an entrepreneur. The health facility offers homes care and support services to individuals in Sussex County, South England.

Shafik has contributed extensively to victims of traumatic brain injuries. Born in Tanzania Capita City in 1950, the Europe Universities professor supervises a team of experts who manage over 14 classes.

Shafik, an experienced and qualified dental surgeon, holds numerous positions in different health facilities. He obtained his certifications in 1975 from the University of London, dental school, and Guy’s Hospital Medical.

Dr. Shafik, the leader of Jamati institutions department, is in charge of the coordination of Ismaili community programmes and activities. The management happens in 16 main sites of the community institutions.

He is also the mediator between the institutions of the Ismaili communities in Central Asia and Aga Khan Development Network. The professor serves as a volunteer in the Jamati and Aga Khan institutions. Sachedina currently serves in France at the Aga Khan Secretariat.

Besides serving as institutes board member, Sachedina has worked in other capacities within the Ismaili Imamat and community. The Aga Khan Development Network committee associate also served as the FOCUS chairman. Shakif, the famous Ismaili Leaders’ International Forum member is a passionate entrepreneur in the health sector. Dr. Shakif Sachedina, the United Kingdom Ismaili president has volunteered in other areas.

Sussex Health Care provides care to persons experiencing multiple sclerosis, dementia, several brain injuries, neurological conditions, and numerous disabilities. The facility also provides services to the elderly. It has 20 homes and offers meals and 24/7 services to the needy.

The company was designed to improve hydrotherapy and physiotherapy. There are tailored resident services, treatment strategy and personal sessions with the facility health experts. Sussex Health Care professionals have relevant permits required for the practice. They provide physical review before developing a customized therapy plan in the gym.

The health care and support service organization has provided services for 25 years. In 2002, the company received accreditation from Healthy Quality Services and obtained global standards ISO 9000-2000 within three years after establishment. Good health is of paramount to every individual, and one can perfect through recreation or leisure activities. Highly qualified experts manage Sussex facilities. These professionals formulate the company policies. Dr. Shafik Sachedina serves as Sussex Health Care joint chair. The facility strives to be a leader in the provision of tailored nursing care in Sussex area.

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