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Waiakea Water Represents Change in Bottled Water Industry

With an annual growing rate of close to 200% one can say that Ryan Emmons, found of Waiakea eco-friendly water, has something to be excited about. He has become one of the youngest entrepreneurs when it comes to bottled water companies.

When Ryan started his quest for eco-friendly bottled water he was well aware that he was coming into an industry where he would have a hard time because he was young. He noticed that entrepreneurs that were in bottled water companies were people that were 50 years old and up. Since Ryan was under the age of 30 he knew that it would be a journey to get people to take interest in the Waiakea Hawaiian volcanic water that he was bringing to the Forefront. The thing that made him a success was the sheer novelty of the brand.

Ryan may have realized early on that it would be difficult to actually get anyone to take interest in his brand of eco-friendly water if it’s simply looked like everything else that was out there. Ryan came to the conclusion that he had to have some type of approach to bottled water that looked different from everything else that was out there. This would be what led him to reach down deep and come up with a marketing strategy that was different from what the older entrepreneurs for bottled water we’re doing.

Ryan put himself in a place where he could attract the attention of other young millennials that were fed up with the bottled water that all looked the same.

By taking a chance and doing something innovative Ryan proved that he had a lock on an industry that was otherwise growing stagnant. The growth of this water is no coincidence. It all has to do with the CEO and the way that he has reached out to consumers through the Internet and all the various social media.

Ryan Emmons was smart and creating a bottled water brand that would stand out from the competition. He put Waiakea water on the map with consumers that wanted to see change.

Waiakea Water to Bring Degradable Plastic to Their Bottles

Waiakea is known for bringing forth pure and clean water for consumers to enjoy. One of the best things about Waiakea water is that it is free of contaminants which get in the way of the health benefits that come with drinking pure and healthy water. It also has a lot of minerals and electrolytes that make it better for consumption. Given that other bottled water companies provide people with water that is no less acidic than the tap water of the area, Waiakea comes as a refreshing product for customers that are looking for something that is going to bring them health benefits.

Waiakea is going beyond the health benefits of water, they are also offering people a new type of plastic which is degradable. They have used advanced technology which brings forth plastic bottles with a greatly reduced lifespan. Instead of the 1,500 years of the usual bottles, the new bottles that are coming forward will last about 15 years. The costs of the product are nothing to be concerned about. The items will have a similar cost to the current products. However, the products are going to be good for the environment as well as for the water.

There are plenty of benefits that come with drinking good water. One of the benefits is that it helps people lose weight. Therefore, people who are struggling with their weight may just need to replenish their bodies with water so that they will be able to speed up their metabolism so that the pounds will melt off. Water is good for focus as well. However, certain types of water have a level of acidity that can cancel out all of the benefits that can come with drinking water with a higher ph level. It is best to make sure that the water is at least neutral in its level.