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Julia Jackson’s Family Wine Collection

At a very young age, Julia Jackson’s father taught her the utmost importance of hard work whilst tending to his vast Californian vineyard. His children would help sort and pick the ripest grapes even throughout the stifling heat during the dog days of summer. Julia Jackson, knowing now what it takes to become truly successful in business, currently carries on as the proprietor of her family’s well received company, Jackson Family Wines.

Julia enrolled at Scripps College and received her Bachelor of Arts degree in 2010. She also attended Stanford Graduate School of Business and obtained a certificate for general management in 2010. Read more about Julia on

During a promotional event in the UK, Julia’s mother as well as chairman of the company, Barbara Banke, launched their 2012 Vérité La Joie Cabernet blend. This wine was produce from the Sonoma County in California. Mrs. Banke pitted her wine against Napa Valley’s finest vintage during a specialized tasting and her Sonoma blend won hands down. Julia Jackson concurs that Sonoma produces the best wine for Cabernet as opposed to what that region is most famous for, namely Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. Jackson’s family wineries produce gems like: Le Désir, Calina, La Muse and Vérité La Joie. The company also has wineries and vineyards located in Australia, Chile, Italy, South Africa and Bordeaux, France. Hoping to spread the word and introduce her family’s multi-regional assortment of fine wines across the globe, Julia now works alongside a team that specializes in international sales.

George Soros – A Man Who Makes A Difference

George Soros is a man who is known throughout the world. In Europe, he is known as the driving force behind a wide range of investment activities and business ventures. In the United States, he is perhaps best known for his social activism and political support, mainly for the Democratic Party. In Asia and Africa, he is known for his immense philanthropy and humanitarian work. None of this fame however is what George Soros started to have when he started his life in humble beginnings in Budapest Hungary, nor did he ever dream as he fought for survival as a Jew during the Nazi occupation of the city that he would one day be one of the richest and most influential men in the world.

Born in 1930, he came from a family which taught him the value of a dollar, the importance of a good moral compass, and the vitality of surviving in the face of oppression. He came out of the dark time of the Nazi occupation with a sense of social justice, and a changed world view. He soon emigrated to England, where he worked as a railroad porter and waiter while putting himself through the London School of Economics. From LSE, he earned a degree that got him in the door of his first job in the financial sector, working at a merchant bank. Visit this site to know more at

In 1969, he moved to New York City, where he started his first fund, now known as the Quantum Fund, with little more than Twelve Million Dollars and a reputation of success he brought with him from Europe. He soon grew that fund into one of the most prosperous of its time. Even today Soros Fund management, his family firm, carries more than $30B in assets, and he still provides key insights as to how the firm’s capital is handled.

He is not just a man behind the money; George Soros is also the money behind a lot of social changes that have occurred in the world in the last 30 years. A man who believes strongly in the rights of the individual and that governments work for the people not the other way around, he has become a major part of many activism movements and political campaigns over the years. He also works with many charitable groups and humanitarian aid and rights organizations overseas, particularly in Africa and Asia to help those who are impoverished and under the grip of low education and limited heath improvement options. Learn more on Discover the Networks about George Soros.

He recently hired Dawn Fitzpatrick, one of the most success women in the financial arena as Chief Investment Officer for Soros Fund Management. She will be the seventh CIO since 2000, but George notes that it has been a task to find the right person for the job to ensure that the firm success keeps going for many years to come. It is just one more way that George Soros plans for the future, both in his business dealings and in his desire to make the world a better place.

How Tony Petrello Rose to the Top

CEO of Nabords Industries Tony Petrello is currently one of the highest-paid executives in the United States. His rise to the top has been a dynamic and incredibly successful one. Prior to this, he served as the company’s President and Chief Operating officer for a staggering 20 years, from 1991 to 2011, and simultaneously worked at the Deputy Chairman of the board in 2003 and more information click here.

Nastors Industries is the global leader in providing oil and gas drilling equipment to some of the market’s top drilling facilities. It works with companies in 20 countries around the world and is known as a true innovator in the industry and also offers a team of highly skilled workers to ensure success.

In addition to his roles at Nabors, Tony Petrello utilized his wealth of knowledge in the area of leadership to serve in a strategic planning role. Through this role, he guides the company’s direction and innovation to ensure that Nastors stays highly competitive in the thriving industry of oil and gas drilling.

Tony originally started out with a passion for mastering math, gaining a Bachelors and a Masters in Mathematics from yale University. From there, he earned a J.D. from Harvard Law School and went on to have an extremely successful law career before resigning to work with Nabors. In fact, he served as the New York office Managing Parter for the prestigious Baker & McKenzie Law Firm, where the firm focused on corporate law, international arbitration and taxation.

Tony is also a director of Steward & Stevenson, another titan in the oil and gas drilling industry and of Hilcorp Energy and learn more about Tony.

Tony serves as a member of the Board of Trustees for Texas Children’s Hospital. He and his wife, who was his college sweetheart, Cynthia are incredibly passionate about philanthropy. In participate, for the neurological research being done at Texas Children’s University. Tony and Cynthia’s daughter was born prematurely and developed cerebral palsy and since then the two have been incredibly active in supporting research done at Texas Children’s Hospital, not only through monetary donations (that are upwards of a staggering $7 million dollars) but by donating their time and leadership skills to the program and Tony’s lacrosse camp.

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Talk Fusion Founder Bob Reina Discusses Early Beginnings

Talk Fusion is a successful video marketing and customer solutions company that was founded by CEO Bob Reina back in 2007. You can trace this industry titan, however, make to an idea that came a few years prior. Bob Reina serves as the CEO and founder of Talk Fusion and his work as the face of the company is paying huge dividends for both his personal success and the inspiration of others. Reina took some time to discuss what makes him tick, where Talk Fusion came from, and what the company plans to accomplish in the coming years.Learn more :


In order to find success in the tech field, no matter what sector you work in, you have to be ready to innovate. Bob Reina has always been ready to try something new, even if it is untested, and that is what brought his company to fully embrace WebRTC technology. WebRTC technology is soon to become the backbone of all Talk Fusion products and it is what made their award winning Video Chat application such a success around the world. This is the way that Talk Fusion works and that is how Bob Reina ticks, always ready to push the ticket.


Reina’s work, really, all revolves around the power of the video. Reina calls it, “The best medium for connecting with one another, developing a brand personality, and — very importantly — building relationships.” That concept is what kicked Talk Fusion out of the gate: the Video Email app. Reina had been looking for a video email client back in the early 2000’s that offered him the ability to embed a video into his message so that he could send it to friends and family members around the world. No dice. So, Reina got to thinking and then he got to talking with an IT friend. The rest is history.Learn more :


Talk Fusion, unlike most new tech companies, seemed to explode out of the gate. Reina cites their early years’ success as a product of bringing a ‘game changing product’ straight to the market. Reina’s work with Talk Fusion continues to excite and inspire and there seems to be more value right around the corner.

Eric Lefkofsky’s Business Endevours

University of Chicago Medicine, like many others, have joined with Tempus in order to better fight breast cancer using molecular data. Breast cancer is amongst one of the most popular cancers yet researchers and doctors have such little reliable date to turn to when it comes time for a treatment plan. Tempus will be providing UChicago with molecular date collect from approx. 1,000 different breast cancer cases.

CEO and founder of health care research business Tempus Eric Lefkofsky graduated from the University of Michigan. But Eric came down a long road of failures before being able to pride himself in his now wildly successfully companies. Eric Lefkofsky’s first business adventure began in college in which Eric and a friend sold carpet which failed. Right out of college in 1994 Eric invested in Brandon Apparel which also crashed and burned. Bound, determined and business minded just a few short year later Eric started an on-line business selling t-shirts and coffee mugs online known as Ten short months after’s start up Eric sold the company to a much more experienced company for $2.4 million. Eric joined his buyer in business but sadly the company ended in bankruptcy.

Such a seemingly long road for an individual who’s now large successes not only have brought him wealth (an estimates net worth of $1.77 billion) but such promising future in the way of technology. Lefkofskys’s first notable success was Groupon but has also founded Lightbank an investment company specializing in disruptive technology. But incase that wasn’t enough Eric also is co-founder and chairman of Echo Global Logistics, InnerWorkings, Mediaocean, and Uptake. The list doesn’t stop there either, Eric and his wife have also started a charitable foundation and Eric serves as a trustee for several other foundations; such as Laurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago and the Art Institute of Chicago just to name a few and more information click here.

Copa Star Hospital Changes the Way Care is Given

Hospital Copa Star is located in the south zone of Copacabana. It is quite different than many other hospitals around the area. This hospital utilizes a concept that includes sophistication as well as exquisite architectural design. It also includes luxury and high quality technology. All of this is used in the Copa Star Hospital to be able to provide for the patient’s health while being able to give them comfort as well as tranquility.

Copa Star Hospital has hired a team of professionals who are all highly trained. In addition to this the hospital also offers it’s patients personalized attention, hospitality, amazing care and a great amount of functionality in regards to the environment. The hospital uses a smart hospitality system which includes an iPad that has an application that is only for the patient’s use so that they are able to communicate with their doctors, it gives them access to their tests and labs that have been ran and also gives them the ability to request assistance from the nurses. In addition to all of this, Copa Star Hospital provides their patients with a sense of autonomy that isn’t experienced at other hospitals. The patient doesn’t have to leave the bed to control the lights or even open the curtains. This gives them optimal recovery time.

Copa Star is different in many ways, an another one is the design of the hospital. The architectural design that is seen throughout the hospital provides a specially enclosed area that is reserved for the transportation of stretchers as well as other medical equipment. This provides the hospital with a flow of movement during procedures. The hospital also displays works of art, which provides a more sophisticated feel. In addition to the sophisticated feel, it has been shown in research that the art pieces also helps to reduce anxiety as well as contributes to emotional responses that are positive. Both of these will help aid in the healing time of the patients. View the design at RafArquitetura.Com

The hospital boasts seven floors that are full of comfort to help serve as many patients as possible! Qualified care has been combined with highly complex surgeries that are able to be performed at this hospital. In the past, patients would have to fly to a different location to receive this type of care or surgery. However, with qualified professionals providing the care in a hotel like setting, patients can stay close to home and close to their loved ones while receiving treatments and recovering.

The medical professionals that work at Copa Star Hospital were all trained extensively. The trainings involved actors performing in emergency situations. This provided the professionals the ability to practice all procedures of care including the most routine procedures to the most complex measures. This hospital employs more than 550 employees and of this 550, 113 of them are medical staff professionals. Read more at Scoopnest about Copa Star.

Can It Really Be The Roberto Santiago, Owner Of Manaira Shopping Mall

Roberto Santiago is one of the richest men in Brazil. He is a well-known figure in Brazil due to his catchy editorials. In spite of him being a professional writer, Roberto is one different man who has diversified his wealth acquired from freelance writing into real estate. When it comes to Roberto, no big idea is unattainable. Today, he is the proud owner of Manaira Shopping Mall, a business complex that resembles a small city. With the mall having come about in 1989, it has evolved over the years to be a spot where many people desire to have a good time especially over the weekends and during holiday seasons.

The Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Mall is so enormous to the extent that it houses more than a hundred shops. Besides, it is strategically placed along a road corridor thus making it a transit point for most travelers. Whatever you desire turns out to be readily available at the Manaira business complex. Some of the enterprises present in this monument of a building include but are not limited to a food court, restaurant, stalls, health clinics, entertainment joints, and fashion and design houses.

Something fascinating about the Manaira Shopping Mall is that it accommodates activities that are ideal for children, adults, and families. Therefore, no one feels left out at the end of the day. Families can always have a good time at the gourmet space; an area secluded primarily for family bonding. Besides, the complex also boasts of guided tours that allow visitors to familiarize themselves with the entire complex.

Since Santiago knows that education is the key to success, he has built a state of the art college right in the heart of the Manaira Shopping Mall. Also, the Manaira Shopping Mall has some stylish joints that give adults the opportunity to have fun, especially during the evenings. For those who cannot resist watching movies on big screen television sets, the complex has modern movie theaters. In total there are eleven cinemas, with each movie theater having been made in a unique way so as to satisfy the needs of different customers. Moreover, the theaters have the latest gadgets there is on the market today.

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Ever since Mr. Santiago tried his luck in property development, he has never looked back. He has also been able to come up with the Mangabeira Shopping Mall, another complex that is quite significant as compared to other business complexes in Brazil. Manaira Shopping Mall also happens to be the largest enterprise complex in all of Brazil. Apart from being a businessman, Roberto Santiago is also good at producing quality videos. From the look of things, there is no single building that can match to the size and number of services that the Manaira Shopping Mall offers to the general public.