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Siteline Cabinetry, a Worthwhile Investment

Whether you are remodeling or building from scratch, when it comes to designing your new home, your vision should be the foundation of the design. Siteline Cabinetry are the experts that work with your to make your vision a reality. Whether you are looking to remodel or build a kitchen, laundry area, bathroom, or even storage closet, Siteline Cabinetry has the skill and experience to create the space you have envisioned.

You begin your creative adventure with Siteline Cabinetry by filling in a blank slate with your vision for your home. Then the experts get to work providing you with options and quality materials and skillful workmanship. Siteline Cabinetry has unlimited options when it comes to fulfilling what you desire for your home.

One common renovation in homes is the bathroom. More and more people are changing their view of the bathroom as a utilitarian room. Now, instead of a room you walk in and out of, more homeowner’s are creating a luxurious space where they can relax. If your vision for your bathroom is to turn it into a place to unwind from the stresses of the day, then Siteline Cabinetry has just what you need to turn your bathroom into a spa-like environment that will help you to relax.

Not only can Siteline Cabinetry help you to create the bathroom of your dreams, but they can help you create better storage spaces. Siteline has many products to help make the most out of your indoor storage spaces. Pull out cabinets, knife and utensil storage spaces, and wooden silverware drawers are just a few of the customizations Siteline Cabinetry offers.

Besides the high quality craftsmanship and materials, Siteline Cabinetry also has a speedy delivery policy. Don’t be fooled by the efficiency, because Siteline Cabinetry keeps nothing in storage that is premade. Your order is custom made on site. Once your order is submitted, your specific customized product is constructed. Because of the advanced technology of equipment and skill used at the warehouse, along with preconfigured options, your customized product is delivered quickly, created with high quality skill and materials.

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Joel Friant Continues Successful Career Path

Investing in businesses, real estate, unique Securities, and consumer products are all great ways to earn money. Unfortunately, doing this successfully can prove to be a challenge for some people. While there is risk that is involved, one individual that has continued to show that he is a successful investor and entrepreneur is Joel Friant.

Joel Friant is a very successful businessman and entrepreneur that has years of investing and business management experience. His career as an investor essentially started in 1995 when he first entered the real estate industry. While in this industry, he saw the potential that all people had when it came through actually investing and running their own businesses. While he was working in this industry, he quickly realized that there was a lot of potential if you were to enter the restaurant business. Within a few years, he decided to open up his first restaurant in which he was the first person to introduce a fast food Thai food concept.

Due to the growing popularity of Thai food , and his successful business plan, his fast food restaurants quickly took off and became very popular. While he was working in this industry, he also introduced many different consumer products that were initially only using the restaurants but eventually were sold online and through retail stores. One of his most successful inventions was the habanero shaker. This device provides a very spicy and tasty seasoning to any product and is extremely popular for anyone who likes hotter foods.

Joel Friant eventually focused more of his time on the habanero shaker and other products that he developed. He now sells many of them on Amazon and Ebay, which has continued to be a successful strategy for him. Over the past few years, he also began investing heavily in digital security such as Bitcoin. He ended up investing heavily in Bitcoin a couple years before it increased significantly in value. This has allowed him to earn a significant profit and raise capital. He now is focusing on using this Capital to invest in other products and consumer businesses.

Jason Hope Believes in the Future

Jason Hope believes the future lies in technology. As a self-described futurist, he makes his living by developing and investing in new technologies. While he started in the mobile communications industry, his current passion is the internet of things, also known simply as the IoT. He writes extensively about it for, and Engadget recently did an article hailing his predictions for the industry.

Jason Hope started his career by obtaining a B.S. in Finance from Arizona State University. He later returned there to get an M.B.A. from the W.P. Carey School of Business, and he has put both of these degrees to good use. As an entrepreneur, he created the mobile communications company JAWA that he then used to fund numerous other businesses. He now believes the integration of technology with just about everything, the internet of things, is the smartest investment for the future.

He feels the Internet of Things will revolutionize everything about the way people live. It can automate daily routines by starting the coffee maker in the morning and tracking exercise and personal fitness goals. It can also improve public transportation by making bus and train routes available in real-time. Including GPS technologies in automobiles can even reduce response times for emergency services. In one of his articles for, he highlights companies developing new IoT software and components and projects the industry to be worth over several billion dollars by 2020 and learn more about Jason.

Jason’s hope for the future also includes medical technologies and companies, like the non-profit SENS foundation based out of California. As part of his philanthropic endeavors, he donated $500,000 to the foundation to help them fund their anti-aging research. They use anti-aging research to combat diseases such as Alzheimer’s and heart and lung disease. He believes “The advancement of rejuvenation bio-technologies is not only extremely important, but it is the future” and read full article.

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How Tony Petrello Rose to the Top

CEO of Nabords Industries Tony Petrello is currently one of the highest-paid executives in the United States. His rise to the top has been a dynamic and incredibly successful one. Prior to this, he served as the company’s President and Chief Operating officer for a staggering 20 years, from 1991 to 2011, and simultaneously worked at the Deputy Chairman of the board in 2003 and more information click here.

Nastors Industries is the global leader in providing oil and gas drilling equipment to some of the market’s top drilling facilities. It works with companies in 20 countries around the world and is known as a true innovator in the industry and also offers a team of highly skilled workers to ensure success.

In addition to his roles at Nabors, Tony Petrello utilized his wealth of knowledge in the area of leadership to serve in a strategic planning role. Through this role, he guides the company’s direction and innovation to ensure that Nastors stays highly competitive in the thriving industry of oil and gas drilling.

Tony originally started out with a passion for mastering math, gaining a Bachelors and a Masters in Mathematics from yale University. From there, he earned a J.D. from Harvard Law School and went on to have an extremely successful law career before resigning to work with Nabors. In fact, he served as the New York office Managing Parter for the prestigious Baker & McKenzie Law Firm, where the firm focused on corporate law, international arbitration and taxation.

Tony is also a director of Steward & Stevenson, another titan in the oil and gas drilling industry and of Hilcorp Energy and learn more about Tony.

Tony serves as a member of the Board of Trustees for Texas Children’s Hospital. He and his wife, who was his college sweetheart, Cynthia are incredibly passionate about philanthropy. In participate, for the neurological research being done at Texas Children’s University. Tony and Cynthia’s daughter was born prematurely and developed cerebral palsy and since then the two have been incredibly active in supporting research done at Texas Children’s Hospital, not only through monetary donations (that are upwards of a staggering $7 million dollars) but by donating their time and leadership skills to the program and Tony’s lacrosse camp.

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Talk Fusion Founder Bob Reina Discusses Early Beginnings

Talk Fusion is a successful video marketing and customer solutions company that was founded by CEO Bob Reina back in 2007. You can trace this industry titan, however, make to an idea that came a few years prior. Bob Reina serves as the CEO and founder of Talk Fusion and his work as the face of the company is paying huge dividends for both his personal success and the inspiration of others. Reina took some time to discuss what makes him tick, where Talk Fusion came from, and what the company plans to accomplish in the coming years.Learn more :


In order to find success in the tech field, no matter what sector you work in, you have to be ready to innovate. Bob Reina has always been ready to try something new, even if it is untested, and that is what brought his company to fully embrace WebRTC technology. WebRTC technology is soon to become the backbone of all Talk Fusion products and it is what made their award winning Video Chat application such a success around the world. This is the way that Talk Fusion works and that is how Bob Reina ticks, always ready to push the ticket.


Reina’s work, really, all revolves around the power of the video. Reina calls it, “The best medium for connecting with one another, developing a brand personality, and — very importantly — building relationships.” That concept is what kicked Talk Fusion out of the gate: the Video Email app. Reina had been looking for a video email client back in the early 2000’s that offered him the ability to embed a video into his message so that he could send it to friends and family members around the world. No dice. So, Reina got to thinking and then he got to talking with an IT friend. The rest is history.Learn more :


Talk Fusion, unlike most new tech companies, seemed to explode out of the gate. Reina cites their early years’ success as a product of bringing a ‘game changing product’ straight to the market. Reina’s work with Talk Fusion continues to excite and inspire and there seems to be more value right around the corner.

Thor Halvorssen’s Unusual Background and HRF Experiences

It really is hard to label Thor Halvorssen who has been one of the most outspoken yet hard-to-know leaders in modern human rights activities. His life’s mission has been to expose how bad human suffering is under tyrannical and corrupt governments while also rewarding civil disobedience against attacks on freedom of speech. His most famous achievement has been the founding of the Human Rights Foundation (HRF), a gathering of individuals from all over the world who share how they’ve fought against tyranny in the most creative ways. Halvorssen is a writer at several media outlets including The Atlantic and the Huffington Post and has made appearances on cable news networks such as CNN and Fox News.

Thor Halvorssen has the unusual ethnicity of being both Norwegian and Venezuelan. As a young man he saw the struggles his father and cousin went through in speaking out against political corruption which led to their imprisonment. His mother was also shot but survived an anti-government riot against the dictator Hugo Chavez. His family’s experiences have certainly strengthened his resolve to preach dissidence and civil liberties despite being detained and caught several times in smuggling operations. Halvorssen has mastered the art of going off the grid when he needs to and keeping his contact information hidden.

There have been several stories Halvorssen has lived to tell about that include helping citizens in North Korea and helping prisoners escape. In North Korea Halvorssen and a group of North Korean defectors chose a launch site in South Korea to launch strong helium balloons containing information about the outside world and the dictator Kim Jong Un’s brutality that the government had been trying to suppress. Halvorssen’s efforts from HRF also eventually led to the freeing of Ali Abdulemam, a news writer and blogger who had been imprisoned in Bahrain for writing about human rights violations and telling the truth about information suppression. Some of the films Halvorssen has produced that tell the stories of fights for freedom in oppressed nations include Freedom’s Fury , Hammer & Tickle and The Sugar Babies. Halvorssen is also involved with the Children’s Peace Movement.

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Eric Pulier: Businessman, Father, Philanthropist

Founder of over fifteen companies, Eric Pulier is an accomplished man. His accomplishments extend into many different industries and realms. Eric Pulier is a published writer, entrepreneur, technologist, philanthropist, columnist, an public speaker. Eric Pulier’s accomplishments give validation to the dedication that he has in all aspects of his life.

Eric Pulier has built a strong and accomplished career. He has invested in many companies and organizations including eCompanies, Trident Capital, and Monitor Ventures. His investments also extend beyond established companies and into the world of starups, where he actively invested in multiple startups in the media and technology field.

Eric Pulier has built many successful companies of his own. Some of his personal business endeavors include US Interactive, Akana, Digitial Evolution, Desktone and ServiceMesh. He has either co-founded or founded over fifteen companies that he has grown into successful business ventures.

Beyond his professional accomplishments, Eric Pulier has also had many personal accomplishments as well. He is the father of four children in which he prides himself on his active role in their lives. He spends his free time serving on the board of The Painted Turtle which is a summer camp that is for children with chronic illnesses. We also serves on the board for the Innovation Board of the XPRIZE Foundation.

Eric Pulier is a dedicated business, father, and philanthropist. He spends his time expanding his business ventures as well as helping new companies who are starting out and need financial help. When he is not working he is spending all his free time with his four children and the charitable foundations that he supports. Eric Pulier is an accomplished man.

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Mike Baur’s commitment to investing in Startups

Mike Baur is a top banking professional who is devoted to supporting the technology-based startups in Switzerland. He has been serving the Swiss private banking industry for a couple of years. In 2014, Mr. Baur established Swiss Startup Factory, which has been facilitating startups in the country to develop into profitable enterprises that can compete in the international markets. He has invested a lot of time and money on innovations that are owned by the youth, and this has offered him sufficient experience of how to deal with novice businesses. Mike kicked off his career by serving as an intern in a bank. He has worked in banking institutions such as Clariden and Sallfort.


The Swiss Startup Factory’s main offices are based in Zurich, Switzerland. It is considered as one of the most innovative companies in the country. The firm has assisted several creative ideas to develop into successful enterprises. Swiss Startup Factory receives ideas from various startups, and it carefully scrutinizes them to determine if they can be profitable. Innovative businesses are supported by being coached, inspired, and offered resources so that they can achieve their goals. Many startups in the country have developed into top corporations due to the help that they have received from Swiss Startup Factory.


Mike has been striving to reach out to various investors so as to raise money for the company. His enterprise is privately owned, and it has been sourcing funds from individual investors who would like to support upcoming technology-based businesses. Swiss Startup Factory is the first company of its kind that has ever been established in the country. Baur was employed in the Swiss private banking industry for more than 20 years, and he was able to develop excellent relationships with various business leaders in Switzerland. He has convinced some of them to support his firm’s clients to be successful in the global market. The company has an excellent acceleration program that is offered for three months, and it is devoted to ensuring their growth.


Besides experience in the banking sector, Mr. Baur’s skills are outstanding due to his level of education. He attended the University of Bern for his executive MBA and the University of Rochester where he was awarded an MBA. Mike made significant accomplishments when he was in the banking sector, and this includes being appointed as a board member in one of the leading companies. He fully understands startup and how they can be made successful.