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Louis Chenevert and His Everlasting Legacy

Louis Chenevert was the CEO and Chairman at UTC for years. Before that, he was the General Manager at General Motors for their St. Therese location. He was at that company for over 14 years. Louis Chenevert spent six years at Pratt & Whitney Canada and then became president of that company before moving on to UTC. He was only president at Pratt & Whitney for seven years in total, during which time he helped the company flourish and expand. In just a single year as president and CEO at UTC, he achieved more success in a year than many dream of achieving in a lifetime. For example, he settled a deal with Goodrich that was worth approximately $18.4 billion and helped bring the worth of United Technologies Corporation close to $100 billion in total.

Chenevert resigned from UTC in late 2014.

But his legacy and the values and improvements that he brought to UTC during his time there will last for decades to come.

It has always been a goal of Chenevert to promote the growth of technology.

And he has done wonders with achieving this goal, especially during his time at UTC. This includes UTC’s prestigious Employee Scholar Program, which has helped give their employees the coveted opportunity to pursue further educations to improve the future of their careers. It has been said that Louis Chenevert had a forward-thinking style that he brought to his leadership and that positively impacted everything that he accomplished.

Matt Badiali’s Incredible Achievements

Matt Badiali is an expert who has specialized in various sectors including energy, agriculture and mining. Matt has been a great contributor to a publishing company in Banyan Hill. Badiali holds a bachelor’s degree from the Penn State University where he studied Earth Sciences. He further did a master’s degree from Florida Atlantic University where he specialized in Geology.

Before he joined Banyan Hill, Matt Badiali had worked for a drilling company as a geologist. He had also been a consultant for an environmental company where matters concerning the environment were presented to him. Matt Badiali has practiced in various platforms where he has been successful.

The investment opportunities in which he has undertaken have been very successful. Matt Badiali has travelled in many places delivering talks to investors. He has also researched on the prospects of investments in many areas. This approach has enabled him to travel widely to many countries including Iraq, Hong Kong, Turkey, Singapore, Switzerland and Papua New Guinea.

Matt Badiali has visited very many wells containing oil and mines all over the world. This has enabled him to have versatile experience as he can tell which well is better for the oil. His advice has enabled him improve the economy since he delivers quality work. He has questioned various Chief Executive Officers on how they handle resources at their companies.

He has interrogated the executive officers on how they have conducted their latest resources and analyzed the geologic data that has been presented to him. Matt has made a discovery that the best investment is one that an individual is able to see. Some individuals take an opportunity and make investments without the knowledge of their partners.

Matt Badiali’s training made him to discover the red flags that are located beneath the ground. The red flags made him attain vital geological evidences. His profession has enabled him to check the skills of the drilling crews whereby he is able to deduce how long those drilling the holes might take to complete one hole. Matt also checks how smooth the operation is being conducted.

The health and potential of the drilling crew has been safeguarded since Matt Badiali watches them as they conduct their work. He advises the drillers on the precautions they should take while going about their work. Matt’s position as an investor has made him make profits in the geologic sector. He has gained much in the field through the diverse industries he has participated in.

Experts at copper giant Codelco, the Chilean state-owned mining company, believe the red metal could hit $10,000 per…

Posted by Matt Badiali on Friday, November 3, 2017

Louis Chenevert’s Legacy At UTC

Mr. Louis Chenevert is the former chairman of United Technologies Corporation (UTC). He is a Canadian Businessman and has been in the limelight for making UTC a successful company. The company has its headquarters in Connecticut. It deals with manufacturing aircraft engines, security systems, and HVACs. It is also a military contractor where it gets 10% of revenue from the US Government.

Louis Chenevert graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Production Management from HEC which is affiliated with the University of Montreal. He then got employed at General Motors for over ten years. He later proceeded to Pratt & Whitney Canada for six years. During this term, he rose up in rank and became the president.

He later on joined UTC and he became the president. Chenevert’s tenure at UTC brought so many successes and helped the company grow. One of the most significant deals of all time was the acquisition of Goodrich Company. Chenevert’s principle upon entry to UTC was getting strategies that were focused on the company’s growth.

Chenevert has always been an advocate for employee welfare. He understands that the employees profoundly determine the company’s progress. Therefore, while at UTC, he encouraged the workers to utilize the Employee Scholar Program which sponsors employees who have interest in furthering their education. One of the achievements of the program is that over 40,000 employees have acquired degrees.

Louis has had an eye for identifying projects that are viable. He focused on identifying ways of also motivating employees. Notably, Chenevert invested massively in equipment that would help the company leap ahead. More importantly, he was keen on acquiring the latest advanced technology. Chenevert understood that every move made would have a direct impact on the company.

An actual definition of the success of UTC is that the Sikorsky Unit is involved in the production of helicopters. The unit is the largest production unit across the U.S. UTC also operates the biggest elevator company, Otis. Chenevert has contributed significantly towards UTC, and he left a legacy there that lingers on. After his resignation at UTC in 2014, he was appointed by Goldman Sachs as an Exclusive advisor.

New and Better Business With Fabletics

One of the most important things for businesses today is customer trust. Clients will choose companies they can rely on and firms that have the same set of values as they do. Because the competition is becoming tighter, businesses also need to keep up to date with their customer service and response times because one of the things that have the biggest impact on business performance is customer reviews. Companies like Fabletics are the current market drivers because they manage to keep their customers interested and captivated with good quality products and great customer service. It allowed Fabletics to be a rising star in the business sky and grow quite rapidly.


The company offers their customers good quality sportswear for a price that would not wipe out their bank. It is also the kind of sportswear that looks good and will last. Fabletics knew there was a demand for better options for women interested in active wear and Fabletics decided to fill in the gap. They enlisted the help of Kate Hudson who is also a familiar face for most people who watch movies. She is an actress who doesn’t have a fancy business degree. However, Hudson has determination, and she committed to the brand. The CEO of Fabletics recalls her participating in the creation of the brand. She participated in staff meetings about budgeting, marketing campaigns, and branding questions.


The commitment the company has to its customers means they put time, effort and money into making sure the online store is stocked, emails get answered and this attitude brings in the good reviews customers leave. People read online reviews more than ever, and they can make or break the business. Fabletics was able to proliferate because they used all the market tricks companies use, and the company was committed to making online shopping easier and more pleasant for the customers.


Most people shop online today because it provides the convenience and saves time. However, before Fabletics came along sportswear didn’t have online shopping options that would appeal to women. Fabletics changed the game because their online shop is easy to use and pleasant on the eyes. They also created a little lifestyle quiz people can take before diving into the world of shopping. It offers people ideas of the kind of outfit they need for their level of activity. However, people can pick their outfit and put it together to fit their life.


Fabletics values their customers, so they are always working on improvements to make the business better. Customers appreciate this kind of attitude, and it leads to customers leaving good reviews that in return drives the business forward and allows it to grow and evolve. It is a two-way street most businesses rely upon. The rise of the internet changed the way people look at companies and the way they find new businesses to follow and review.


Fabletics wears the crown of the business because they put in a lot of work on different aspects of the business world.

How the Orange Coast College is Transforming the Economic and Environmental Status of Southern California

Along Adams Avenue in Southern California stands the $7 million Orange Coast College’s recycling facility. The facility occupies a ground space of about 5 acres and has a parking space of up to up to 45 vehicles, offices & a meeting area, and shower places. The recycling facility was opened to the public on October 16, 2017, following a one-year-long construction process. The opening ceremony was graced by prominent people such as Orange Coast College’s staff members who cut the inauguration ribbon. It was during the opening ceremony that it was announced that the facility would remain operational on every single day of the week.




What Will Be Recycled



Glass & plastic containers, empty beverage bottles, tin & aluminum cans, old magazines, cardboard, as well as metal scraps constitute waste products that the Orange Coast College’s recycling facility will be recycling. Residents of southern California who will be taking these waste materials to the recycling facilities are set to be receiving a reasonably good compensation depending on the type of material they deposit. The facility has an added advantage in that it can recycle waste electronics such as fluorescent bulbs, TVs, monitors, and fax machines among others. Bearing in mind that such electronics contain dangerous chemicals that can pollute the environment, the facility has solved many problems that would otherwise arise. Over and above that, the facility can recycle household items such as old furniture and clothes. Learn more:




Economic and Environmental Benefits



With the Orange Coast College’s recycling plant in place, South California is safe from air and waste pollution. The facility adapts eco-friendly building and energy generating apparatus which reduce the environmental degradation. According to Costa Mesa Mayor, the facility will have not only environmental but also economic advantages. The Orange Coast College’s president, on his part, noted that many jobs would be created at the facility. Learn more:




About OCC



The Orange Coast College was established as a community college in the late 1940s. It is located in Costa Mesa, with a majority of its classes being buildings that formed part of the area’s former military base. The college has professors that teach more than 135 different undergraduate programs. More than 20,000 are enrolled in these program as of today.

Dr. Avi Weisfogel is Blazing the Trail in Dental Sleep Medicine

Sleep is one of the best gifts you could ever give yourself as a young person looking forward to a healthy life during your old age. While sleep is a special gift, it is also the best medicine for any illness. Sleep complications have been known to occur at the later stages of life for those people who work without sleep. While the older people will advise you to achieve the best in the industry, you might notice that people solve better business solutions in a manner that is not common in the business world. For this reason, one needs at least seven hours of solid sleep to enable him to work for the next business day.

If you engage in a healthy sleeping plan, you will never develop sleep complications. In fact, you will achieve the best by solving the problems your healthy body requires to rejuvenate itself for a productive day ahead of you. When you work for the larger part of the day, your body becomes exhausted as a result of dead cells. The body system also needs a rest away from work. For this reason, you will achieve better resolutions if you activate a working solution for the lengthy part of the day. Sleep is also a medicine that cures the brain cells. Along with the use of water, sleep helps you generate new body cells that replace the dead body and brain cells as a result of the hectic day past you.

Sleep specialists like Dr. Avi Weisfogel, advocate for more than seven hours of sleep. According to Dr. Weisfogel, it is of no use to make all the money in the world that you will spend later when the world is against you. During that time, you will spend millions of your money trying to correct the sleeping mistakes you committed when you were a young person. While the older generation will say that it is unhealthy to engage in lack of enough sleep when you are old, few people can achieve better business truths in the industry if they achieve the most sophisticated business growth. For this reason, we might have noticed that better business values can be succeeded if we achieve the desired goals in business.

Waiakea Water to Bring Degradable Plastic to Their Bottles

Waiakea is known for bringing forth pure and clean water for consumers to enjoy. One of the best things about Waiakea water is that it is free of contaminants which get in the way of the health benefits that come with drinking pure and healthy water. It also has a lot of minerals and electrolytes that make it better for consumption. Given that other bottled water companies provide people with water that is no less acidic than the tap water of the area, Waiakea comes as a refreshing product for customers that are looking for something that is going to bring them health benefits.

Waiakea is going beyond the health benefits of water, they are also offering people a new type of plastic which is degradable. They have used advanced technology which brings forth plastic bottles with a greatly reduced lifespan. Instead of the 1,500 years of the usual bottles, the new bottles that are coming forward will last about 15 years. The costs of the product are nothing to be concerned about. The items will have a similar cost to the current products. However, the products are going to be good for the environment as well as for the water.

There are plenty of benefits that come with drinking good water. One of the benefits is that it helps people lose weight. Therefore, people who are struggling with their weight may just need to replenish their bodies with water so that they will be able to speed up their metabolism so that the pounds will melt off. Water is good for focus as well. However, certain types of water have a level of acidity that can cancel out all of the benefits that can come with drinking water with a higher ph level. It is best to make sure that the water is at least neutral in its level.

Daniel Mark Harrison: Pioneering in Cryptocurrency

Daniel Mark Harrison has set himself apart from the rest by venturing into the little-known world of Cryptocurrency, something that most of his peers in the financial industry were unable to do. He has brought fresh perspective towards other forms of money, attracting immense attention among investors worldwide.

He holds a Business administration Masters’ degree from BI Norwegian business school, Theology Bachelor’s degree from Oxford University and a masters’ degree in journalism from University of New York. Evidently, Mr. Harrison has equipped himself with the right knowledge to steer him far beyond the financial sector on to other related, more social sectors. It is no surprise that he has managed to build an astounding career.

Harrison serves as chairman and CEO of his company. He is involved in managing assets owned by himself and his family. He comes from the well-known ‘Harrison & Sons’ company, which has for a long time worked to print money. The company was later taken over by De La Rue, growing further into Singapore, Hong Kong, and Bangkok.

He simultaneously works as Monkey Capital’s managing partner. Monkey Capital is an investment company in the blockchain business. The company has recently turned heads for financial inventions such as crowdfunding and is fast becoming a force to reckon with for other financial institutions. The seemingly young CEO has led projects in his Companies, earning him attention the world over due to its successes. He has managed to introduce cryptocurrency to significant players in the financial industry, including investors. This has, in turn, contributed to the tremendous growth of Monkey capital.

Now the company is fit to be regarded international and looks to spread its wings all over the world. Harrison at one time explained that the Monkey Capital had worked hard to popularize COEVAL tokens by giving them out to friends and family, with the intention to popularize the idea. Known for his abundance of skills, Harrison has gathered experience as an author, entrepreneur, businessman, Journalist, among others. Big media houses like CNN, Reuters, and Bloomberg, have featured him in numerous interviews. Harrison has written articles published in the daily dot magazine, Forbes, the wall street Journal and the portfolio magazine.

Louis Chenevert Invested in the People and Technologies, Building a Lasting Culture at United Technologies Corporation

When Louis Chenevert took over the leadership at the United Technologies Corporation, he had the vision of creating a lasting legacy which would make the place better than he found it. He achieved exactly that and more. He is a forward thinker and possesses the ability to analyze and spot business opportunities that align with the firm’s vision. To him, people play a big role in making visions a reality which is why he inspired them to work hard in the projects at UTC. He created a lasting foundation and cultures in the process that have lived on and inspired the current leadership of Gregory Hayes.

Time at UTC

Louis Chenevert‘s work impressed the management from when he joined UTC in 1993. He was at the time working for Pratt & Whitney, the business branch of the firm. In just a few years, he had risen to the position of the branch’s President. It was not long after that he was made the top manager at UTC, taking up the capacity of the President and Chief Executive Officer. He got down working, emphasizing on modern technologies and human resource, the tools that he believed could take any business to the top. In as much as he believed in investing in the right technology, he was more passionate about the people. Under the Employee Scholar Program, he encouraged the employees’ empowerment through education.


During his tenure, Chenevert led UTC to take up big projects that saw it rise with each one of them. One such transaction was winning the tender from the US Air Force to manufacturer the F-35 engine. He was greatly involved in the development and marketing of Pratt & Whitney’s Geared Turbofan (GTF) engine. He is best remembered for leading negotiations in the acquisition of Goodrich in just a year after taking the firm’s leadership. The transaction was worth 18.4 billion.

More about Chenevert

Louis Chenevert is a former student at Université de Montréal, École des Hautes études commerciales (HEC) where he studied production management. His career began at General Motors where he headed the St. Therese operation. After leaving UTC, he joined Goldman Sachs as the Exclusive Advisor to the division of merchant banking.

How George Soros Became a Liberal Icon and a Conservative Boogeyman

George Soros is one of the true foremost philanthropists in the entire world. The Hungarian born investor, who currently lives in New York, has turned his seemingly immeasurable wealth into its own progressive and philanthropic machine via the Open Society Foundations and learn more about George Soros. So why then is George Soros considered some sort of negative force to the right wing of American politics? The reason is simple, George Soros has consistently been able and willing to stand up to their ideas. Let’s look at a history of George Soros that goes over how he became the man he is today and how he uses that man to continually stand up for progressive values throughout the world and read full article.

We’d have to go back to 1944 in order to see a moment in time that would define George Soros. Living in Hungary and just 14 years old, George Soros would watch helplessly as Nazis came to his country and took it over. 500,000 Hungarian Jews would be killed over the next 12 months and through it all Soros would remember. He would remember how dangerous incensed nationalism could be when armed with a violent leader like Hitler and he would remember how important it was to prevent people like that from ever gaining power again and Follow his Twitter.

George Soros and his family would survive the occupation after fleeing the country and moving to London. Soros himself would work through multiple jobs just to have enough money to pursue higher education. While pursuing his studies Soros would become close and familiar to the writings of Karl Popper who was a proponent of the Open Society. Popper understood that a truly Open World was impossible if unchecked populism and capitalism ruled the day. The rest of Popper’s works would go on to influence how George Soros approached his worldly outlook and his political views.

When Soros graduated he would move to the United States and pursue a career as an investor. Of course Soros would become successful as he would go on to become worth well over $29 billion, making him one of the wealthiest investors of all time. Soros would use this massive wealth to work with the Open Society Foundations in order to fight for racial equality, social justice, and freedom of expression around the world and George  Soros’s lacrosse camp.

In the United States Soros would focus on opposing the dangerous Iraq War that George Bush would lead us into. Soros would stand side by side with Al Gore and eventually John Kerry during their presidential campaigns and he would be a key progressive donor during this time. Now Soros continues to stand tall and he is going to be relied upon to oppose President Donald Trump in the coming years until 2020 presents itself and what George Soros knows.

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