Waiakea Water Represents Change in Bottled Water Industry

With an annual growing rate of close to 200% one can say that Ryan Emmons, found of Waiakea eco-friendly water, has something to be excited about. He has become one of the youngest entrepreneurs when it comes to bottled water companies.

When Ryan started his quest for eco-friendly bottled water he was well aware that he was coming into an industry where he would have a hard time because he was young. He noticed that entrepreneurs that were in bottled water companies were people that were 50 years old and up. Since Ryan was under the age of 30 he knew that it would be a journey to get people to take interest in the Waiakea Hawaiian volcanic water that he was bringing to the Forefront. The thing that made him a success was the sheer novelty of the brand.

Ryan may have realized early on that it would be difficult to actually get anyone to take interest in his brand of eco-friendly water if it’s simply looked like everything else that was out there. Ryan came to the conclusion that he had to have some type of approach to bottled water that looked different from everything else that was out there. This would be what led him to reach down deep and come up with a marketing strategy that was different from what the older entrepreneurs for bottled water we’re doing.

Ryan put himself in a place where he could attract the attention of other young millennials that were fed up with the bottled water that all looked the same.

By taking a chance and doing something innovative Ryan proved that he had a lock on an industry that was otherwise growing stagnant. The growth of this water is no coincidence. It all has to do with the CEO and the way that he has reached out to consumers through the Internet and all the various social media.

Ryan Emmons was smart and creating a bottled water brand that would stand out from the competition. He put Waiakea water on the map with consumers that wanted to see change.

Louis Chenevert and His Everlasting Legacy

Louis Chenevert was the CEO and Chairman at UTC for years. Before that, he was the General Manager at General Motors for their St. Therese location. He was at that company for over 14 years. Louis Chenevert spent six years at Pratt & Whitney Canada and then became president of that company before moving on to UTC. He was only president at Pratt & Whitney for seven years in total, during which time he helped the company flourish and expand. In just a single year as president and CEO at UTC, he achieved more success in a year than many dream of achieving in a lifetime. For example, he settled a deal with Goodrich that was worth approximately $18.4 billion and helped bring the worth of United Technologies Corporation close to $100 billion in total.

Chenevert resigned from UTC in late 2014.

But his legacy and the values and improvements that he brought to UTC during his time there will last for decades to come.

It has always been a goal of Chenevert to promote the growth of technology.

And he has done wonders with achieving this goal, especially during his time at UTC. This includes UTC’s prestigious Employee Scholar Program, which has helped give their employees the coveted opportunity to pursue further educations to improve the future of their careers. It has been said that Louis Chenevert had a forward-thinking style that he brought to his leadership and that positively impacted everything that he accomplished.

Matt Badiali’s Incredible Achievements

Matt Badiali is an expert who has specialized in various sectors including energy, agriculture and mining. Matt has been a great contributor to a publishing company in Banyan Hill. Badiali holds a bachelor’s degree from the Penn State University where he studied Earth Sciences. He further did a master’s degree from Florida Atlantic University where he specialized in Geology.

Before he joined Banyan Hill, Matt Badiali had worked for a drilling company as a geologist. He had also been a consultant for an environmental company where matters concerning the environment were presented to him. Matt Badiali has practiced in various platforms where he has been successful.

The investment opportunities in which he has undertaken have been very successful. Matt Badiali has travelled in many places delivering talks to investors. He has also researched on the prospects of investments in many areas. This approach has enabled him to travel widely to many countries including Iraq, Hong Kong, Turkey, Singapore, Switzerland and Papua New Guinea.

Matt Badiali has visited very many wells containing oil and mines all over the world. This has enabled him to have versatile experience as he can tell which well is better for the oil. His advice has enabled him improve the economy since he delivers quality work. He has questioned various Chief Executive Officers on how they handle resources at their companies.

He has interrogated the executive officers on how they have conducted their latest resources and analyzed the geologic data that has been presented to him. Matt has made a discovery that the best investment is one that an individual is able to see. Some individuals take an opportunity and make investments without the knowledge of their partners.

Matt Badiali’s training made him to discover the red flags that are located beneath the ground. The red flags made him attain vital geological evidences. His profession has enabled him to check the skills of the drilling crews whereby he is able to deduce how long those drilling the holes might take to complete one hole. Matt also checks how smooth the operation is being conducted.

The health and potential of the drilling crew has been safeguarded since Matt Badiali watches them as they conduct their work. He advises the drillers on the precautions they should take while going about their work. Matt’s position as an investor has made him make profits in the geologic sector. He has gained much in the field through the diverse industries he has participated in.

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Posted by Matt Badiali on Friday, November 3, 2017