How George Soros Became a Liberal Icon and a Conservative Boogeyman

George Soros is one of the true foremost philanthropists in the entire world. The Hungarian born investor, who currently lives in New York, has turned his seemingly immeasurable wealth into its own progressive and philanthropic machine via the Open Society Foundations and learn more about George Soros. So why then is George Soros considered some sort of negative force to the right wing of American politics? The reason is simple, George Soros has consistently been able and willing to stand up to their ideas. Let’s look at a history of George Soros that goes over how he became the man he is today and how he uses that man to continually stand up for progressive values throughout the world and read full article.

We’d have to go back to 1944 in order to see a moment in time that would define George Soros. Living in Hungary and just 14 years old, George Soros would watch helplessly as Nazis came to his country and took it over. 500,000 Hungarian Jews would be killed over the next 12 months and through it all Soros would remember. He would remember how dangerous incensed nationalism could be when armed with a violent leader like Hitler and he would remember how important it was to prevent people like that from ever gaining power again and Follow his Twitter.

George Soros and his family would survive the occupation after fleeing the country and moving to London. Soros himself would work through multiple jobs just to have enough money to pursue higher education. While pursuing his studies Soros would become close and familiar to the writings of Karl Popper who was a proponent of the Open Society. Popper understood that a truly Open World was impossible if unchecked populism and capitalism ruled the day. The rest of Popper’s works would go on to influence how George Soros approached his worldly outlook and his political views.

When Soros graduated he would move to the United States and pursue a career as an investor. Of course Soros would become successful as he would go on to become worth well over $29 billion, making him one of the wealthiest investors of all time. Soros would use this massive wealth to work with the Open Society Foundations in order to fight for racial equality, social justice, and freedom of expression around the world and GeorgeĀ  Soros’s lacrosse camp.

In the United States Soros would focus on opposing the dangerous Iraq War that George Bush would lead us into. Soros would stand side by side with Al Gore and eventually John Kerry during their presidential campaigns and he would be a key progressive donor during this time. Now Soros continues to stand tall and he is going to be relied upon to oppose President Donald Trump in the coming years until 2020 presents itself and what George Soros knows.

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