Learning More About Osteoarthritis and How to Manage It

Arthritis is common in a lot of people throughout the world but many people don’t really understand that is not a single disease, but a basic term used to refer to different joint pain or disease in the general basic form. The term is very broad and covers more than 100 different types of disease or pain. Arthritis effects for than 50 million adults in the United States alone too.

One of the most common types of arthritis is osteoarthritis. Osteoarthritis is a type of joint disease that begins to degenerate at the cartilage. Cartilage is the soft substance located between the joints. As the cartilage begins to break down and wear away this will cause friction between the bones as they start to rub against each other causing pain stiffness and swelling. The more it swells the more pain and discomfort it can cause too. Unfortunately, there is no cure, there are some treatment options that can help manage the joint pain and cause less discomfort in your daily activities.

Some factors that help contribute to the possibility of fighting with osteoarthritis is excess weight, age, family history and previous industries with that joint. Some daily routines that can help are gentle exercising right before you go to bed to help prevent stiffness in the morning. When watching tv, reading etc. adjust your position frequently and be sure to stand up and walk around every so often. Repetitive movements can cause issues too on the joints. One of the best ways to help with joint pain relief is to manage your weight and quit smoking as well. Remember to always pace yourself in whatever you do as well.


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