Using Securus Technologies to Stop a Fugitive on the Run

I was notified this year that an inmate I took part in putting in jail had escaped and was most likely headed back to his hometown. Knowing this criminal all too well, I was out the door and working on the investigation that day. This inmate was extremely dangerous, and because he was affiliated with a dangerous gang, we needed to get him off the streets fast.


This game of cat and mouse went on for weeks and the suspect would even call my office and taunt me over the phone that he was not going to be taken in alive. When he called the local television station and said he wanted to meet with a reporter, everyone was shocked he got that meeting and still was not apprehended.


In that meeting, he told the reporter he wanted to meet with me in the woods to fight to the death, of which I declined. His network of gang soldiers did everything they could to harbor the fugitive, and the pressure was on my office to get this guy off the streets now.


I was informed by a friend working in the local jail they just had Securus Technologies install an inmate communication system that picked up on some chatter about this inmate I needed to hear. I was quickly trained on the LBS software and began to see exactly how this suspect was able to avoid detection for so long.


Once I became familiar with the software, I was able to set a trap and have the suspect show up to a meeting with his soldiers that was completely fabricated by me. At the meeting place, he was apprehensive to get of the car, but by then we had him surrounded and took him down without a single shot being fired.