Eric Lefkofsky’s Business Endevours

University of Chicago Medicine, like many others, have joined with Tempus in order to better fight breast cancer using molecular data. Breast cancer is amongst one of the most popular cancers yet researchers and doctors have such little reliable date to turn to when it comes time for a treatment plan. Tempus will be providing UChicago with molecular date collect from approx. 1,000 different breast cancer cases.

CEO and founder of health care research business Tempus Eric Lefkofsky graduated from the University of Michigan. But Eric came down a long road of failures before being able to pride himself in his now wildly successfully companies. Eric Lefkofsky’s first business adventure began in college in which Eric and a friend sold carpet which failed. Right out of college in 1994 Eric invested in Brandon Apparel which also crashed and burned. Bound, determined and business minded just a few short year later Eric started an on-line business selling t-shirts and coffee mugs online known as Ten short months after’s start up Eric sold the company to a much more experienced company for $2.4 million. Eric joined his buyer in business but sadly the company ended in bankruptcy.

Such a seemingly long road for an individual who’s now large successes not only have brought him wealth (an estimates net worth of $1.77 billion) but such promising future in the way of technology. Lefkofskys’s first notable success was Groupon but has also founded Lightbank an investment company specializing in disruptive technology. But incase that wasn’t enough Eric also is co-founder and chairman of Echo Global Logistics, InnerWorkings, Mediaocean, and Uptake. The list doesn’t stop there either, Eric and his wife have also started a charitable foundation and Eric serves as a trustee for several other foundations; such as Laurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago and the Art Institute of Chicago just to name a few and more information click here.

Using Securus Technologies to Stop a Fugitive on the Run

I was notified this year that an inmate I took part in putting in jail had escaped and was most likely headed back to his hometown. Knowing this criminal all too well, I was out the door and working on the investigation that day. This inmate was extremely dangerous, and because he was affiliated with a dangerous gang, we needed to get him off the streets fast.


This game of cat and mouse went on for weeks and the suspect would even call my office and taunt me over the phone that he was not going to be taken in alive. When he called the local television station and said he wanted to meet with a reporter, everyone was shocked he got that meeting and still was not apprehended.


In that meeting, he told the reporter he wanted to meet with me in the woods to fight to the death, of which I declined. His network of gang soldiers did everything they could to harbor the fugitive, and the pressure was on my office to get this guy off the streets now.


I was informed by a friend working in the local jail they just had Securus Technologies install an inmate communication system that picked up on some chatter about this inmate I needed to hear. I was quickly trained on the LBS software and began to see exactly how this suspect was able to avoid detection for so long.


Once I became familiar with the software, I was able to set a trap and have the suspect show up to a meeting with his soldiers that was completely fabricated by me. At the meeting place, he was apprehensive to get of the car, but by then we had him surrounded and took him down without a single shot being fired.

An Artist at Heart

Doug Levitt is a self-professed artist at heart. This goes a long way in explaining his decision to leave his job as a forign correspondant for CNN, for a life on the road and small venues to play his music. Let’s face it, most of us would question a persons decision making abilities if we knew someone personally who had done this. Then again, most of us would not leave a good paying, steady job for a career that lies in heart of us. A “job” that we felt we were meant to do and read full article.

This is where Doug Levitt can be an inspiration for other people who are contemplating a move like that, yet lack the conviction to make that leap of faith. His passion is a way of life that pays. You can’t really call a situation like that a job, because most of us consider a job as something we have to do in order to pay the bills. So Doug is fortunate in that he not only had the conviction and faith to make that move, but he made it work and Doug’s lacrosse camp.

What exactly works here is that he is able to chronicle a facet of American society that most of us know precious little about, and put those observations to words and music. Songs that tell a tale which open up that part of society so we can all see it for what it is. It gives us understanding, and this understanding can help all of us connect better with each other. It is no secret that there is a wall between people in America in regards to socio-economic classes. What Doug does is help remove that wall so there are fewer misconceptions between, and about, us all.

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Wen By Chaz Has The WOW Factor

When it comes to hair care products, it is hard to find ones that really wow the customer. There are products that are impressive, well-done, and pretty good. Wen hair has the WOW factor and it keeps people coming back for more. They simply can’t get enough of it. They have tried it out, seen what it does, and they are in awe. They had no idea that a product like Wen by Chaz could do so many things at once such as shampoo, conditioner, and styling treatment. The customer can really have it all now thanks to Wen by Chaz.

That puts a big smile on Chaz Dean’s face. As with anything, it starts with the person that is behind the product. They are the person that is putting their stamp of approval on it. Because of this, they need to make sure they are creating a product that is going to live up to their lofty standing in the hair care industry. When people hear the name Chaz Dean, they stand up and take notice. That is for good reason. He delivers each and every time he creates a product. He never lets anyone down and he never disappoints anyone.

He certainly did not disappoint Emily McClure of in her review, which can be read here: She bought the Fig version from eBay which works on fine hair and promotes bounce and shine. She took the time to write a seven-day review of the product to let people know what they were getting and how it affected her hair over a seven day period. She wanted to include photos as well, so people could see the real-life results. By day seven, the results and the photos on Facebook spoke for themselves. This product was a winner and no one could deny that.

Wild Ark on South Africa Wildlife

Mark and Sophie Hutchinson started Wild Ark with the hope of being able to show their grandchildren wild lions in Africa. They are busy building Pridelands as a buffer zone between the needs of humans and wildlife protection. Pridelands is located near Kruger National Park The couple loves to teach and show others about wildlife on the continent of Africa.


Habitat Loss in South Africa


Animals living in South Africa face many different challenges. One of the largest problems is habitat loss through agriculture, industry and human settlement. As animals lose their natural habitat, they end up living in protected areas isolated from others greatly affecting the area’s biodiversity. Increased demand for traditional medicines, hunting intensity for bushmeat and cultural regalia have had a direct impact on many animals including the African wild dog, leopard and mountain reedbuck.


Illegal Hunting


Oribi and other animals are threatened by illegal sport hunting with dogs. The number of white and black rhinoceroses along with pangolins continue to decline because of illegal poaching.


The Effect of Severe Drought on South Africa’s Wildlife


Another problem faced by animals in the area is climate change. Increased drought conditions in the western part of South Africa has had a direct impact on many different species including forest shrews and roan antelope. Many families who have previously raised livestock and crops have had their way of life threatened by the water shortage and shorter growing season.


Learn About Animals in South Africa


One way that Wild Ark hopes to help protect South Africa’s biodiversity is through introducing people to animals in their natural habitats. They offer several courses such as bushwalking, photography and ecotracking. It is the hope of Mark Hutchinson and others working with him that when people encounter wildlife naturally that they will care more about what happens to these animals. Participants in these specially designed courses often have their own personal boundaries challenged as they sleep out under the stars, carry very few provisions and learn to live on much less than they originally thought necessary.

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