Copa Star Hospital Changes the Way Care is Given

Hospital Copa Star is located in the south zone of Copacabana. It is quite different than many other hospitals around the area. This hospital utilizes a concept that includes sophistication as well as exquisite architectural design. It also includes luxury and high quality technology. All of this is used in the Copa Star Hospital to be able to provide for the patient’s health while being able to give them comfort as well as tranquility.

Copa Star Hospital has hired a team of professionals who are all highly trained. In addition to this the hospital also offers it’s patients personalized attention, hospitality, amazing care and a great amount of functionality in regards to the environment. The hospital uses a smart hospitality system which includes an iPad that has an application that is only for the patient’s use so that they are able to communicate with their doctors, it gives them access to their tests and labs that have been ran and also gives them the ability to request assistance from the nurses. In addition to all of this, Copa Star Hospital provides their patients with a sense of autonomy that isn’t experienced at other hospitals. The patient doesn’t have to leave the bed to control the lights or even open the curtains. This gives them optimal recovery time.

Copa Star is different in many ways, an another one is the design of the hospital. The architectural design that is seen throughout the hospital provides a specially enclosed area that is reserved for the transportation of stretchers as well as other medical equipment. This provides the hospital with a flow of movement during procedures. The hospital also displays works of art, which provides a more sophisticated feel. In addition to the sophisticated feel, it has been shown in research that the art pieces also helps to reduce anxiety as well as contributes to emotional responses that are positive. Both of these will help aid in the healing time of the patients. View the design at RafArquitetura.Com

The hospital boasts seven floors that are full of comfort to help serve as many patients as possible! Qualified care has been combined with highly complex surgeries that are able to be performed at this hospital. In the past, patients would have to fly to a different location to receive this type of care or surgery. However, with qualified professionals providing the care in a hotel like setting, patients can stay close to home and close to their loved ones while receiving treatments and recovering.

The medical professionals that work at Copa Star Hospital were all trained extensively. The trainings involved actors performing in emergency situations. This provided the professionals the ability to practice all procedures of care including the most routine procedures to the most complex measures. This hospital employs more than 550 employees and of this 550, 113 of them are medical staff professionals. Read more at Scoopnest about Copa Star.