Can It Really Be The Roberto Santiago, Owner Of Manaira Shopping Mall

Roberto Santiago is one of the richest men in Brazil. He is a well-known figure in Brazil due to his catchy editorials. In spite of him being a professional writer, Roberto is one different man who has diversified his wealth acquired from freelance writing into real estate. When it comes to Roberto, no big idea is unattainable. Today, he is the proud owner of Manaira Shopping Mall, a business complex that resembles a small city. With the mall having come about in 1989, it has evolved over the years to be a spot where many people desire to have a good time especially over the weekends and during holiday seasons.

The Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Mall is so enormous to the extent that it houses more than a hundred shops. Besides, it is strategically placed along a road corridor thus making it a transit point for most travelers. Whatever you desire turns out to be readily available at the Manaira business complex. Some of the enterprises present in this monument of a building include but are not limited to a food court, restaurant, stalls, health clinics, entertainment joints, and fashion and design houses.

Something fascinating about the Manaira Shopping Mall is that it accommodates activities that are ideal for children, adults, and families. Therefore, no one feels left out at the end of the day. Families can always have a good time at the gourmet space; an area secluded primarily for family bonding. Besides, the complex also boasts of guided tours that allow visitors to familiarize themselves with the entire complex.

Since Santiago knows that education is the key to success, he has built a state of the art college right in the heart of the Manaira Shopping Mall. Also, the Manaira Shopping Mall has some stylish joints that give adults the opportunity to have fun, especially during the evenings. For those who cannot resist watching movies on big screen television sets, the complex has modern movie theaters. In total there are eleven cinemas, with each movie theater having been made in a unique way so as to satisfy the needs of different customers. Moreover, the theaters have the latest gadgets there is on the market today.

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Ever since Mr. Santiago tried his luck in property development, he has never looked back. He has also been able to come up with the Mangabeira Shopping Mall, another complex that is quite significant as compared to other business complexes in Brazil. Manaira Shopping Mall also happens to be the largest enterprise complex in all of Brazil. Apart from being a businessman, Roberto Santiago is also good at producing quality videos. From the look of things, there is no single building that can match to the size and number of services that the Manaira Shopping Mall offers to the general public.