IM Academy is an international academy headquartered in New York that was established in 2013 by independent entrepreneurs and Christopher Terry, a Forex expert. Their primary goal was to create an online platform for entrepreneurs with zeal to understand forex education through subscription to help them with their trading activities. To date, the IM has grown into a large organization with more than 225,000 active subscribers.

The organization has focused on educational purposes only, where it takes pride in being at the top. Their core products are learning modules with four different training areas available at the organizations’ websites accessible to all. These modules include FRX Academy, HFX Academy, DCX Academy, and ECX Academy, consisting of uninterrupted live videos that their students follow and apply in real life to help them solve problems.

Furthermore, GoLive video programs are done in 13 different languages at different times to ensure that they have reached all the students. During these live sessions, students can effectively interact with IM educators that helps them understand the concepts better. At the end of every module, the students are given a test to see their level of understanding in every module to move to the next module.

The institution also offers discounted package called Elite academy that gives you discounted subscription when you buy all four modules together. Additionally, IM Academy offer optional add-ons that take you in too deep on specific and more specified areas of interest. IM Academy operates through networking through independent sales representatives who work as independent business owners. To date, the company has over 43,000 registered IBOs in its teams.

The IM Academy has an in-house that tracks the activities of the IBOs to ensure that they are compliant with the regulations and that no IBO makes any misleading claims about IM Academy. Furthermore, the academy does not offer investment or financial advice. Follow this page for more information.


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