IM Academy is a well-established brand with a solid foundation built by a team of experts. This advantage has come from over ten years of hard work and research. The company has expanded into new countries, making sure that it does business properly, legally, and ethically — for our customers and employees.

Since 2013, the Academy has empowered beginners and seasoned professionals by providing affordable learning opportunities that challenge conventional market knowledge and blend technical, fundamental, and psychological approaches. This Academy is a one-stop resource for any serious trader looking to enhance their abilities in the trading world.

IM Academy has seen remarkable growth in the last years and is excited to continue this momentum by staying ahead of the curve. The company believes in a remote working model, which has allowed it to hire top-rated talent worldwide. By hiring globally, IM is able to focus its time and energy on what’s most important: its educational mission. The Covid 19 pandemic was so bad that it caused a government-mandated shutdown of all schools. This affected every student and staff member of IM Academy. However, because the school employed a remote model of working, it was able to continue its operations.

The core product of IM Academy is its academies, or courses that train new and current network marketing professionals. On the IBO website, customers can easily enroll in and access any of the multiple academies that teach how to sell and market products and build your own sales team and run a home-based business.

Each GoLive module is a series of interactive sessions that are fully compatible with the information from the informational videos. Together, they allow the student to apply skills acquired during interactive video lectures to real-life situations.

The IM GoLive sessions take place weekly throughout the year, each session lasting for one hour. After going over the content of each module, educators and students engage in conversation and work together to cover subject matter.

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