The founders of Hawkers started the company to provide its customers with unique and modern sunglasses that were affordable to all. They were sure that they would acquire many customers who would help the company make high profits. It was having financial and management challenges, making the partners bring in Alejandro Betancourt Lopez to head the company.

Alejandro Betancourt Lopez used his skills and expertise to make it among the most popular in the fashion industry as the firm’s head. He looked for investors who would provide funds for the growth of the company. They brought in over 56 million dollars for that reason. Hawkers became successful in Spain within no time, making Alejandro Betancourt Lopez establish additional outlets in Europe, Asia, and America.

Hawkers reported tremendous growth since Alejandro Betancourt Lopez became its head. In 2018, Mr. Betancourt invested 20 million dollars in the firm and thereby became the majority shareholder. When working with his juniors, Mr. Lopez would encourage them never to give up in life no matter what it served them. It has more than 50 outlets and 200 employees in its outlets in different localities around the world. Go Here for related Information.

The company uses Facebook to advertise and sell its products, something that has contributed to its success. It is among the top fashion firms on Facebook. Since most of the company’s sales are made online, it can sell its sunglasses at lower prices than its competitors. And, although the firm has more than 50 shops, more than 90% of its sales are purely online.

Alejandro Betancourt Lopez also introduced the strategy of using campus students to market the firm’s products. The students help the company to gain more customers through educating their mates about the sunglasses. The company also chooses celebrities who love their products to advertise them on their social media platforms. They get plane and concert tickets as an appreciation for their marketing services.