Alddo Molinar is a Texas native and an anesthesiologist working In Ohio’s medical facilities. Alddo’s parents were Mexican immigrants, and he had a younger sibling. He is now a medical doctor and was among the few people in their extended family to become a US citizen. Alddo Molinar grabbed every opportunity that came by in the new nation of residence. From a tender age, Alddo could exploit the expectation. Molinar easily picked up skills to accomplish several developmental mileposts quicker than his friends. Alddo’s early mechanical disposition enabled him to address harder projects because he disassembled and joined appliances to know the science behind their making.


Alddo Molinar’s inspiration came from the demise of his grandparents to cancer. He turned this natural disposition to medical school where he used his scientific skills in curing the suffering people out there. He joined Texas University to study for a medical degree and later went to Cleveland Clinic for his residency (Aboutme). 


Dr. Alddo Molinar


In the final medical stint, Alddo learned a lot, and also found his wife who played an important role in shaping his career. Fortunately, the two courted during the Cleveland residency period after which they got married and now have three kids. Alddo Molinar believes that his family is the support team, therefore, demonstrating the immeasurable love his family has made. When contemplating his life, Alddo Molinar claims that his destination is a continuous journey because every time something better pops up ahead. The journey is supported by positive values he has mastered all through. 

Alddo Molinar depends on these values for ultimate self-betterment. Alddo Molinar always dreamed of taking a medical career and it was started by his parents at 5 years. However, this dream started being more realistic when Alddo’s grandmother died while in the 6th division. She suffered from pancreatic cancer, and he feels that she did not deserve all that suffering because the disease stole her vigor and physical strength. Alddo Molinar´s grandmother was religious during the tough times of frequent nausea, vomiting, and pain. However, Molinar still believed in her up to the last breath. He helplessly watched her journey as the desperate family could not offer anything else apart from hope.